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What Orbs Do In Roblox All-Star Tower Defense?

Roblox All-Star Tower Defense
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Looking to know what Orbs Do in the Roblox All-Star Tower Defense game? You have landed up at the right place. In this guide, we will explain the Ords in Roblox All-Star Tower Defense game.

All-Star Tower Defense is a Roblox game. You have to perform many tasks in the game. You have to upgrade your troops during battle to unlock new attacks. You have to summon from the Gate and unlock new unites to use them in Battles. You have to team up with your friends to take on story mode or infinity tower. All you will find is that new things will pop in the Summon gate and emote shop every hour. You need to collect them in the All-star Tower Defense game.

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In this game, Obs are the items that can give bonus buffs to a player’s character. You will see that are different kinds of Orbs that can be granted to the players. In this guide, we will talk about the Orbs in the Roblox All-star Tower defenses.

Orbs In Roblox All-Star Tower Defense

If there is empty a slot in the All-Star Tower Defense game, you can fit that slot using the Orbs. Remember that this game consists of the more 30+ Orbs that can give your bonus like Boost damage and cost reduction. There are two ways by which you can get the Orbs: Either from the Orb shop or you can get them free also if you can beat the trails and raids in the Extreme Mode. In this guide, we have given you a list of all the orbs in Roblox All star Tower defense and their respective perks for the characters that you can use.

Paw OrbInitial-DMG 1250%
Upgrade-DMG 600%
Prey Eye OrbInitial-RMG 10%
Cost -50
Initial DMG 15%
Titanic OrbInitial-DMG 500%
Upgrade DMG 100%
Demonic OrbInitial DMG 100%
Upgrade 225%
Gravity OrbInitial DMG 2000%
Upgrade DMG 2500%
God Heart OrbInitial DMG 800%
Upgrade DMG 900%
Blooming OrbInitial DMG 800%
Upgrade DMG 2000%
Operator OrbReplacement Skill can teleport 8 more enemies2,000
Crywolf OrbDMG 1700%2,100
Green Natural OrbDMG 2350%2,650
PinkStar OrbDMG 200%2,650
Dark Spiritual OrbInitial DMG 200%
Upgrade DMG 15%
Slow Effects Final
Hit Air Final Upgrade
Limitation OrbInitial DMG 700%
Upgrade DMG 1600%
Moon OrbGT Goku becomes Golden Ozaru9,000
Rose OrbInitial DMG 500%
Upgrade DMG 2000%
Snake OrbInitial DMG 500%
Upgrade DMG 1500%
Venomous OrbDMG 500%1,500
Supa Future OrbDMG 350%1,500
God Earring RIGHT OrbChange the Goku Form3,750
God Earring LEFT OrbChange the Goku Form3,750
Demon M OrbInitial DMG 500%
Upgrade DMG 1000%
Golden-F-Scaling OrbInitial DMG 200%
Upgrade DMG 650%
Bomba OrbInitial DMG 30%
Cost OrbDecrease cost of a unit by 100
Fire Rage OrbInitial DMG 100%
Beast-M Scaling OrbInitial DMG 200%
Upgrade DMG 250%
Blueeye OrbInitial RNG 30%
The Hawk OrbDMG 1300%
Snow OrbInitial DMG 200%
Upgrade DMG 1000%
Path OrbInitial DMG 1500%
Upgrade DMG 900%
Quake OrbInitial DMG 180%
Upgrade DMG 1500%
Death OrbDMG 500%6,666
Rainbow Magic OrbDMG 2000%1,500
Mera OrbInitial DMG 600%
Upgrade DMG 1000%
Lightning Breath OrbInitial DMG 900%
Upgrade DMG 2500%

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All-Star Tower Defense Game Info (Wiki)

If you want to know more about the all-star tower defense then you can go through the following details that we have given you.

Title: All-Star Tower Defense

Genre: All Genres

Release date: 5/7/2020

Publisher: Top Down Games

Available on: Roblox

Game description:

Use your units to fend off waves of enemies
Each Unit has Unique Cool Abilities
Upgrade your Troops During battle to unlock new attacks
Summon from the Gate and unlock New Units to use them in battles
Team up with your friends to take on story mode or the infinity tower
New things appear in the Summon Gate and Emote Shop every hour
Collect them all!

Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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