Home Gaming Vampire Survivors: What Is The Location Of The Vampire Survivors Coffins?

Vampire Survivors: What Is The Location Of The Vampire Survivors Coffins?

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Vampire Survivors: What Is The Location Of The Vampire Survivors Coffins?

Locating the coffins with new characters adds a lot of fun and exciting element to the game. However, what is the most difficult in the Vampire Survivors is getting to know the location of every coffin. Not everyone is fortunate to find it as it requires lots of tricks and techniques to locate the coffins in the game. If you want to know the location of the coffins, then you have landed upon the right place. I will let you know how you can find your location of the Coffins in the Vampire Survivors, here is your guide. 

Where Can I Find All of the Coffin Locations in Vampire Survivors?

You are aware that you can find all the characters scattered all around the game. You just have to travel through the map and collect them. However, finding the coffins in Vampire Survivors to unlock the new character is one of the most difficult tasks. If you want to find the unlockable characters in the vampire survivors game, you have to read the following guide to unlock the coffin locations in the vampire survivors. 

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There are around the four steps to get all the coffins in the game. Here are the four steps: 

  1. You need to find the coffins in the vampire survivors
  2. You need to defeat all of the enemies that surround the coffins. 
  3. Now unlock the coffin
  4. Character unlocked will join you soon. 
  5. However, if you want to unlock the character for the perpetuity, then you will have to pay the small sum of 1000 Gold Scales. 

There are three coffins that you can use to unlock the character in the Coffins in the Vampire Survivors. Here are the all the coffins located: 

  • Inlaid Library – Giovanna Grana
  • Mad Forest – Pugnala Provola
  • Dairy Plant – Poppea Pecorina

If you manage to unlock these characters, then these characters will belong to you permanently. 

Now, you have read about how to unlock these characters in the vampire survivors game. However, many of you must be wondering what is the use of getting these characters in the game. These characters are very important in the game. There might be many reasons why you need these characters. Here is a list of the weapons for which you need to go after the Poppea Pecorina, Pugnala Provala, and Giovanna Grana. 

  • Giovanna Grana has the Gatti Amari weapon that you can use
  • Poppea Pecorina possesses the powerful song of Mana. 
  • Pugnala Provola possesses the weapons called Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The sparrow. 

That was everything about these coffins and characters in the Vampire survivors. I hope that you are enjoying playing this game. 

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