Home Gaming Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock Pummarola? (Full Guide)

Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock Pummarola? (Full Guide)

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Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock Pummarola (Full Guide)

Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock Pummarola? (Full Guide)

Vampire survivor is a horror game. If you like the horror genre, then you must play this game. In this game, you are required to survive till the morning. During the night, you face many challenges that you have to overcome. However, if you get killed in the game, you get lots of gems as a part of your experience of playing in the game. 

If you manage to get enough gems then you can easily level up and upgrade the character in the game which will make the character more powerful. In the vampire survivor, you have to survive through the night, completing challenges that come against the enemies. This is how you get many around 30 achievements in the game. Getting Pummarola is also part of the achievement. In this article, we will know how to win and unlock the Pummarola by surviving as Gennaro in Vampire Survivors. 

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How to Get Pummarola in Vampire Survivors

You are required to survive for at least five minutes as Gennaro in the Vampire survivors. You will be able to get the Piummarola. There are players who are wondering who is Gennaro. Gennaro is a character that you can purchase for 650 coins in the game. Let’s talk a bit more about Gennaro here:

You have to get Gennaro to play with in order to win Piummarola. Gennaro starts with two knives. He is someone who can get the additional projectile for every weapon that he gets. Another interesting thing about the Pummarola in vampire survivors is that if you pick the king bible, you will get two of them. This is how he is. Worthy getting though!!

What is the Easiest Way to Survive as Gennaro?

If you want to survive in the Vampire survivor, then the easiest way is to upgrade the following things:

  • Projectile speed
  • Weapons
  • Movement speed

If you upgrade your weapons then it can have lots of benefits for you. Your character Gennaro can make a lot of difference and it can get better speed and destroy your enemies faster if you are among your enemies, the Gennaro will come in very handy for you. If you manage to survive as Gennaro, then you can easily get the Pummarola in the Vampire survivors game. 

That’s all from us about How To Unlock Pummarola in Vampire survivors. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article.

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