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Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock Disco Of Gold in VS

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Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock Disco Of Gold in VS

Vampire Survivors is a horror game that is for those who love to play this game. In this game. Players have to survive through the night, facing many challenges, emerging out alive in the dawn. However, players can take the help of many features and weapons to come out alive as survivors in the game. One of such features is the Arcana Modifier system. In the game, players currently have 10 Arcanas that include the Disco of Gold. in this article. We will explain how players can get the Disco of Gold and its uses in the game. 

How To Get Disco Of Gold In Vampire Survivors?

Vampire Survivor launched the Disco of Gold Arcana with a 0.5.2 update. The disco of Gold Arcana is very useful as it turns on the Gold Fever that floods the screen with gold coins. But keep in mind that you can not unlock it so easily. And players are quite confused as to how to unlock the Arcana. 

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If the players want to unlock Disco of Gold in the game, they will have to prevent the death from popping up at a certain time in the game. If they can manage it, then they win in this game. To put things in perspective, players will have to reach 31 minutes in Inlaid Library. However, the death shows up at the end of the 30 minutes disrupting the dreams of getting past 31 minutes. But players can prevent the death from appearing till 31 minutes are passed. Players can select any characters or power-ups. But players need to be sure that the characters they choose are capable enough to end without hiccups. 

The moment players reach 30 minutes, they need to get into a space where death can not approach them easily. For that, players need to reach between the space of bookshelves and the Piano. And players are required to wait there. Once the required time is passed, then they have to go across the bookshelves. This is how players will be able to unlock the Disco of Gold. and then death shows up, there is nothing to worry about as players would have already unlocked the Disco of the Gold. 

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