Home Gaming Vampire Survivors: How To Get Stone Masks in VS?

Vampire Survivors: How To Get Stone Masks in VS?

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Vampire Survivors: How To Get Stone Masks in VS?

Stone Mask is a passive item in Vampire Survivors that helps players ease their struggle. Through this, they can complete the given tasks. When you have the Stone mask, you can enhance your Greed stat for players which in turn gets you more coins. The Stone Mask has the ability to provide the players with +50% Greed. Despite that, players need to unlock the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors. In this guide, I will explain to you how players can search for the stone mask and complete the achievement in the Vampire Survivor game. 

How To Get Stone Mask In Vampire Survivors?

If the players want to unlock the Stone Mask in the Vampire survivor game, unlocking the Inlaid Library is a prerequisite to getting the stone mask. However, players can also unlock the Inlaid library when they are able to reach Level 20 of the Mad Forest stage. When you do so, you can easily find the Stone Mask that is located inside the Inlaid Library. If the players manage to unlock the stage, they can enter it. 

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To be able to get the Stone Mask, Players need to get into the Inlaid Library and walk towards the right side of their map. Players need to keep on moving till they find a stone mask on a crest between two bookcases. It is not so easy to find the right bookcases as they are dependent on the Players’ choice. What the players need to do is to keep looking for the item. Players can spot it without any great difficulty as it shines a lot. 

The moment players lay their hands on the Stone Mask, they just have to pick it up and select the Get option in the pop-up prompt. It will mean that the Stone Mask Achievement is finished and it will include the Stone Mask to a player’s loot items. 

Stone Mask Effects

Stone mark plays an important role in a player’s Greed stat, Players are able to get more coins only because of the Greed stat. Talking the stone Mask effect, they have 5 different levels. Each level provides the players with a different percentage of coins. At level 1 of the items, players are able to earn 10% more coins. And if the players reach levels 2 and 3 and then they can get 20% and 30% more coins. Upon reaching level 2, the Stone mask can give players 40% more coins. At level 5, players get 50% more coins for the players. 

That’s all there is to it about the Stone Mask in the Vampire Survivors and fulfilling the achievement. I hope that you enjoyed reading the article. 

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