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Vampire Survivors: How To Get Spellbinder?

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Vampire Survivors: How To Get Spellbinder

Vampire Survirow is a roguelike RPG game. It was launched in 2021. Players have to work up through the night, surviving the dangers that come their way and staying alive till the dawn strikes. Count my words, it is a very difficult task to survive till the morning. If not for the weapons and other items, you can not afford to come out of that danger. This is the reason, you have to take the help of the weapons and other items in the game to sail through the struggle. One of the items is Spellbinder and we will explain to players how players can lay their hands on it in Vampire survivors.

How To Obtain The Spellbinder In Vampire Survivors?

Spellbinder is a passive item in Vampire survivors that creates an impact on the duration of the weapon. When it comes to the basic level, the Spellbinder can enhance the duration by 10%. A fully-powered spellbinder can enhance the duration by more than 50%. Keep in mind that this is applicable for King Bible, Santa Water, Song of Mana, Peach one, Ebony Wings, Runetracer, Clock Lancet, Bone, Cherry Bomb, and their respective evolution. 

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If the players want to get a spellbinder in Vampire Survivors, Players are required to get the Runetracer to level 7. Not only Spellbinder but there are many items and weapons in Vampire survivors are acquired this way. If players want to get the Stone Mask Achievement, they also need to go through a similar process. 

To get the Runetracer, the player must get the Pasqualine Belpaese. For that players have to pay 110 gold and survive for 5 minutes in the vampire survivor, then they can unlock the Runetracer. Once, Runetracer is in their hands, all they need to do is level up till they get to level 7. It will uncover the Spellbinder for the future. 

Spellbinder Effects

The item Spellbinder increases the duration of a weapon. But the duration of the weapon is increased depending upon the levels in the vampire survivors game. Remember, there are 5 Spellbinder levels in the game. A Level 1 spellbinder will enhance the duration of weapon effects by 10%. A Level 2 Spellbinder can enhance the duration of weapon effects by 20%. Level 3, spellbinder can enhance the duration of weapon effect by 30%. And Levels 4 and 5 can give an increased duration of weapon effects by 40% and 50%. 

That’s everything about How To Get Spellbinder in the Vampire survivor game. 

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