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Vampire Survivors: How to Get Poppea Pecorina?

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Vampire Survivors: How to Get Poppea Pecorina?

Vampire survivor has launched a new update called 0.3.0. With this update, it has also come out with the Dairy Planet Stage. There is also a new character that has been updated called Poppea Percorina. This is a very strong character in the game. This is the reason, the all players who play the Vampire Survivor are hassling to get her anyhow. Also what makes the Poppea Percorina more interesting is her weapon called Song Of Mana. this weapon is good as it shoots sparkling particles that hit the enemies with great precision. 

If the players want to get her in the game, they will have to unlock the Dairy Plant. In this article, we will explain to the players of the vampire survivor as to how to unlock the Dairy Planet as well as Poppea Percorina. So, please stick to the end. 

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How to Unlock the Dairy Planet And Poppea Pecorina In Vampire Survivors

Below are the step-by-step article as to how to unlock the Dairy Planet as well as Poppea in the Vampire Survivors: 

How to Unlock the Dairy Planet

To unlock the Dairy Planet, you need to go through a process of a few levels then you can easily unlock the Dairy planet in this game. You will have to first unlock the Inlaid Library. 

In the vampire survivor, you will have to reach level 20 in the Mad Forest. You can unlock this easily as the second map is unlocked after a few runs alone. 

Then you need to reach level 40 in the Inlaid Library. But don’t panic, if you spend enough time playing this game, crossing these levels will be a child’s play. Also, take the help of Experience Orbs and you will be able to reach your faster. This process will ensure that you unlock Dairy Planet as fastest as possible. 

How to Unlock Poppea Pecorina

Here is what you need to do to unlock Poppea in Vampire Survivors. All that you need to do is head towards the green arrow on the side of the screen. Follow the arrow and then grab the item that it is pointing towards. This will be the Milky Way Map. This map will then unlock a viewable map that you can easily access on the pause screen. So go ahead and pause your screen.

There will now be a question mark somewhere on this map. That mark, my dear survivors is where our maiden lies. Now, all that you need to do is navigate the Map to Poppy Pecorina’s location, and freeing her is a breeze from here. Simply defeat the enemies surrounding her coffin and free her! Easy, right?  Now, you will be able to get Poppy Pecorina in Vampire Survivors.

Below are the steps that you have to follow in order to unlock the Poppea Percorina: 

  1. Go towards the green arrow on the screen. 
  2. Follow the arrow and take the item that it is pointing towards. 
  3. The item is Milky way map. This map will be a viewable map that you can see by pausing the screen. 
  4. Move forward and pause the screen. 
  5. Find the question mark somewhere on the map. 
  6. At this mark, you will find Poppea Pecorina
  7. You have to go to her through navigating the map
  8. Now free her from there by defeating the enemies surrounding her coffin. 
  9. Now Poppea Pecorina belongs to you. 

This is how you can get the Poppea Pecorina in the Vampire survivor game. 

Once you unlock her from there. You will get a message that says “the vampire is in another coffin” will pop up on the screen. You don’t need to be tense about this message. As you will have to make the payment if you want to use her in real. Just go around the game and gather 2200 coins and you can play with her as much as you want. 

That’s all there is to it about the new character Poppea Pecorina in Vampire survivors. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing this game. Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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