Home Gaming Vampire Survivors: How To Evolve Garlic? (full guide)

Vampire Survivors: How To Evolve Garlic? (full guide)

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Vampire Survivors: How To Evolve Garlic? (full guide)

Vampire Survivors: How To Evolve Garlic? (full guide)

Vampire survivor is all about surviving through the night. Players need different weapons to meet the challenges that come their way. They need to be very strategic. Weapons have to be very strong if you want to survive in the vampire survivor game. However, to make a weapon stronger, you have to evolve it. But it is a very big problem for the players to evolve a player as they are not aware of how to evolve a weapon. One such weapon is Galic in the vampire survivor. Though it is not the best weapon it can prove to be better than others if you can manage to evolve it to that level. And one of the best ways to evolve it if you want to use it to its full potential. In this article, we will talk about how you can evolve Garlic in the Vampire survivor game. Scroll down to the bottom to find it out.

How To Evolve Garlic in Vampire Survivors?

You might say that there are many players who don’t much like garlic weapons since there are many weapons in the game that you can use. However, there are players who are adamant about using the garlic weapon in the Vampire survivor. But players don’t know much about how to use it in the first place. Let’s get started: 

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How to Get Garlic Vampire Survivors?

If the players want to unlock the Garlick in the vampire survivor, they need to first search for 5 Floor Chickens. Once players lay their hands on the Garlic weapon, they should know how they can evolve garlic to use to its full potential.

  • Increase the level of the Garlic up to level 8.
  • Obtain the right Power-up. 
  • Gather one of the rare enemy chests that will seed at 10:00. 

If the players want to evolve the Garlic then they must have the Pummarola accessory power-up in Vampire Survivors. Pummarola can prove to be a gamechanger in enhancing your health regeneration by0.1/s. If you can evolve the garlic to its full potential then the garlic weapon will transform into a Soul Eater. Then you can play this game seamlessly and can expect yourself to easily survive the game. 

That’s all there is about how How To Evolve Garlic in vampire survivors to get the full benefits of the game. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoy playing vampire survivor. 

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