Home Gaming Vampire Survivors: Get to know Duplicator Achievement (Guide)

Vampire Survivors: Get to know Duplicator Achievement (Guide)

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Vampire Survivors: Get to know Duplicator Achievement (Guide)

Vampire Survivors: Get to know Duplicator Achievement (Guide)

Vampire Survivors is quite a horror game to play. If players like anything related to the horror, then they would definitely like this vampire survivor. In this game. Players have to survive through the night by completing lots of challenges that come their way. If the players make it to the dawn then they can win this game. To smoothen the journey, players are provided with a lot of features in the game. One of the items that we will discuss today is the Duplicator achievement and its benefits for Vampire Survivors. Just stick to the end of the article. 

Duplicator In Vampire Survivors

Duplicator has the ability to give a boost to weapons by enhancing their potential. This is a passive item that increases the Amount by +1 per level. However, one thing to remember here is that the Duplicator is not applied for the Garlic, Soul Eater, Pentagram, Clock Lancet, or Laurel. If you have it with you, then it can give added damage potential and extra protection to the weapons.

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With the Duplicator, not all the items work the same. This is on you to test which items work the best with duplicator and which don’t work. Once you find them out, then you can use weapons with duplicators without any complications. For your help, let us say that items like the Axe and the Fire Wand match up really well with the Duplicator. However, an item like a magic Wand does have the same adaptability as the duplicator. If you know how to use this item, then it can prove to be inevitable for you. 

To unlock the Duplicator achievement, players will have to get the Magic to want to level 7. To the Magic, want is the starting weapon of the Imelda belpaese. However, players can claim this weapon from the beginning. As players get it for free. With the help of an Empty Tome, you can also evolve this into the holy wand that can prove to be very useful. 

Duplicator Effects In Vampire Survivors

The Duplicator effect is quite amazing in the game as it gives the players +1 per level amount buff to players. There are two levels in the game. When it is at the maximum level, the Duplicator gives +2 amount. 

That’s everything about the Duplicator Achievement Guide in the vampire survivor. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. 

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