Home Gaming Vampire Survivor: How To Unlock All Characters? (Full Guide)

Vampire Survivor: How To Unlock All Characters? (Full Guide)

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Vampire Survivor: How To Unlock All Characters? (Full Guide)

Vampire survivors is a horror game in which you have to survive through the whole night, facing different challenges, and emerging winners at the end of the day. Players are quite in love with this game. What makes this game more loved is the character that is added from time to time, making this game more challenging. However, players find it difficult to find the characters and unlock them. However, you don’t need to worry as in this article, we will talk about how to unlock the characters and their locations in the Vampire Survivors game. Just get to the bottom of the article:

All Characters In Vampire Survivors & Their Unlock Method

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In this article, you will get to know how you can unlock all the characters in the vampire survivors game. 

CharacterUnlock Method
AntonioStarter character
ImeldaAlways available for purchase
PasqualinaAlways available for purchase
GennaroAlways available for purchase
ArcaGet Fire Wand to level 4
PortaGet the Lightning Ring to level 4
LamaSurvive 20 minutes with at least 10% curse
PoeGet Garlic to level 7
ClericiRecover 1000 HP
DommarioEarn 5000 coins in a single run
KrochiDefeat 100000 enemies
ChristineGet Pentagram to level 7
PugnalaFind and open the coffin in the Mad Forest
GiovannaFind and open the coffin in the Inliad Library
PoppeaFind and open the coffin in the Dairy Plant
ConcettaFind and open the coffin in the Gallo Tower
MortaccioDefeat 3000 Skeletons
CavalloDefeat 3000 Lion Heads
RambaDefeat 3000 Milk Elementals
O’SoleDefeat 3000 Dragon Shrimps
Exdash ExiviiqType “x-x1viiq” on the main menu
ToastieDefeat a Stalker or Drowner after unlocking Exdash
Mask of the Red DeathKill Death
LedaDefeat the boss in Gallo Tower

That’s all from us about How To Unlock All Characters In Vampire Survivors. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. 

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