Home Gaming Valorant: Which are the Best Aim Trainers for you?

Valorant: Which are the Best Aim Trainers for you?

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Valorant: Which are the Best Aim Trainers for you?

Valorant: Which are the Best Aim Trainers for you?

Valorant is quite a popular game in the world. It is a shooter game that has managed to make itself apart from the other FPS game. In this game, you have to shoot to win. Therefore, Your aim becomes all more important. Moreover, when you are moving constantly, your aim should be to the point. It is also quite difficult to work against the five skilled shooters. However many of the players are not familiar with the aiming and they want to increase their level as fast as possible. Then this is the guide for you. You can better your aim with any one of these aim trainers in valorant. You have to select the right Valorant Aim trainer that can teach the best. 

Which Is The Best Aim Trainer In Valorant?

Here are the top 5 contenders for the best aim trainer in Valorant.

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Aimlab is the third-party software that comes free to train your aim in Valorant. Aimlab was also the official FPS training partner in the NA Valorant Challenger series. Aimlab is the preferred software to learn about how to aim as well as to learn the map. Aimlab provides you with an easy way to track your records and progress in the game. Professional players like TenZ use this software to improve their aiming attests to the fact that Aimlab is quite good. It includes all the areas of aim such as tracking, Flicking, Speed, perception and cognition, and many more. The good thing about it is that it can be used on all the systems. This is the best to use it when you want to practice your aiming in valorant. 

Download Aimlab from their site here.


Kovaak’s is considered to be one of the best third-party apps that you can use to better your aim. You will find this app fully optimized for your gameplay. You can improve your aim by participating in the different exercises in this app. But there is one drawback to this app is that it comes at a price. It is not free for players. This come across as a disappointment for the players. 

Download Korvaak’s from Steam here.


If you are someone who is comfortable watching video guides and lessons to improve your aim, then this is the app for you. This app has around 20 videos and 60 lessons to help you improve your aim. This app will first track your accuracy, then based on that, you will get your training lessons. To improve faster and better, players can use the training drills such as tracking, flicking, and target switching. This way, you will become a professional player. This app will give the option to resume playing once you have logged out of the training. This app can take your aiming to the next level in the valorant. 

To get your practice started, go here.


In most of the apps, you get to practice with the aim while remaining static. However, this is the app in which you can practice aims while moving. You will not find the AI bots standstill but rather you will have to shoot your targets while moving. You will see the archery targets instead of spheres and players’ models. You also get the maps to navigate while you are practicing your aims. As you walk across a corner or go up or down a staircase, you have to aim while moving. You can also fine-tune your aim by going through the more classic title shooting drills in the game. 

Get the app for free right here from Steam.

Shooting Range

The shooting range is a very simple place to go for you. In this app, you can pick your own agent and you can practice your aiming with it. This range contains all the settings that you have used to play this game. This app offers you great customization where you can choose your difficulty as well as bot armor and ammo settings. 

If you want to get to the shooting range, you will have to follow these steps: 

  • Open the shooting range
  • Go to play 
  • Click on the lower-left button that says practice. 
  • Select between open range, shooting test, spike planting, and spike defense to enhance your skills. 

In conclusion, we believe that those of you that need a free aim trainer should go for AimTastic or the Shooting Range on Valorant itself. If you’re willing to pay then Korvaak’s is a definite must-have but honestly, the others work just as well.

That’s all from us about the Best Aim Trainer For Valorant. We would advise choosing the Free Aim Trainer like AimTastic or the shooting range on valorant itself. However, if you have the capability to pay and then you can go for a Korvaak trainer. 

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