Home Gaming Valorant: How To Gift In Valorant? (Full Guide)

Valorant: How To Gift In Valorant? (Full Guide)

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How To Gift In Valorant?

Valorant: How To Gift In Valorant? (Full Guide)

Valorant is quite an interesting game to play in which players have to shoot a hero and it is also a multiplayer game. In this game, players can gift many kinds of items to the players. However, the system to gift them is not as simple as it is in the other games. But, players don’t need to become disappointed as there is still a way out to gift the other players in Valorant which we will talk about in this article.

How To Give A Gift In Valorant?

Players can easily purchase the skins in the valorant game and gift them to other players. However, there is a complicated part to the gift. But it is not an impossible part. Players can gift a prepaid Riot gift card to their friends. Players can purchase those gift cards or they can gift it to other players in the game. Players will see that each card consists of a unique code that will work only once. Players have the freedom to choose the card they want to pick as per their budget. Players can easily find a number of options for players to get those gift cards in the Valorant. We will also let players know about the Riot Gift card prices.

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What are the Riot Gift Card Prices?

Players have the option to go with €5 option which will give them 475 Valorant Points. Players can also go for the €10 or €20 gift card as it would give other players 950 and 1950 valorant points respectively. However, for those players who want to give a bigger gift card, then they can go for €25 and €35 gift cards. as they would give the other players 2450 and 3325 Valorant Points.

Players who can afford to spend more amount, then they can avail €50 gift card that would give 5025 Valorant points. Players who want to go for bigger points then they can go for a €100 gift card which gives 10500 Valorant Points.

Players might want to get more options to gift in the game. There is a much-awaited feature of gifting skin in the valorant, But no one knows for sure when it will be introduced in the game. Players will have to manage with Riot Gift cards for now.

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