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Valorant: Comparing Fade and Reyna In Valorant

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Valorant: Comparing Fade and Reyna In Valorant

Valorant: Comparing Fade and Reyna In Valorant

Recently, Fade has been added to the Valorant’s roaster. Fade is the latest agent. Players of the valorant got to witness the first look at her appearance in the game. Fade has the new abilities and acts as a new initiator in the game. Many of the players say that she has a similar appearance as our Mexican dualist, Renya. How similar are the two then? In this Fade vs Reyna comparison, we will get to know about the differences and similarities between the two in the Valorant. 

Fade Vs Reyna: Which Is The Better Agent In Valorant?

Here are all the differences and similarities between Reyna and Fade in Valorant.

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Both Fade and Reyna belong to different cultures. However, they are known to have similar looks and faces. Reyna is Mexican while Fade is from Turkey. However, despite similarities and dissimilarities, a lot of people are saying that Fade is a lost sister of Reyna’s. If not the sister, they are surely each other’s friends. While both of the agents can be used for the offensive. 

Valorant Class

In valorant, there are many agents who have a particular role but have the play styles that suit another. However, talking about the Fade and Reyna, they are very unique agents in the game. Reyna has the role of an initiator while Fade has the role of dualist. Reyna’s impact is more aggressive and Fade has the task to lead her team into a fight. However, it is very tough to compare Reyna with Fade since their functions in a match are very different from one another. 


Both Fade and Reyna have a common paranoia as their abilities. It matters the most because it shows how far they can go in the game with their common abilities. You can finish them off from far and get on with your match. But apart from this, these two women don’t have anything in common. 

While Reyna is all about complete aggression, on other hand, Fade is known for recon and a slower death to her opponents. However, it does not make her any less fun to play but it would be better to compare her to Sova and Skype. 

While Fade’s unique abilities make her the perfect initiator as she is able to do recon with her Hunt and Prowler. However, if you want to go very aggressive in the game, then it would be better for you if you use Seize to catch her enemies. Nightfall has the ability to combine the rest to make the biggest impact in the game. It allows others the opportunity to go in with one that is a little more aggressive than others. But keep in mind, whether you like fade or not, you still would love playing with the Fade. 

I would say that Fade is an agent that you can not afford to ignore in the Valorant. You can say, it would be a futile attempt to compare the Fade with Reyna. The two would be great together in a team of attackers and can destroy their opponents wherever they go. 

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