Home Gaming Ultimate Spellbook Tier List League Of Legends 2022 (Best Characters)

Ultimate Spellbook Tier List League Of Legends 2022 (Best Characters)

League Of Legends tier list
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Ultimate Spellbook Tier List League Of Legends (Best Characters) 2022

Leagues of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game. You will face the opponent and you have to defeat them at any cost. In this game, there are many playable characters and you have to make a team of five players to start a 5v5 fight with the enemies. You get the gold and experience point when you defeat the opponents. You have the option to buy different items using the gold and experience points that will make your character stronger.

In the S Tier, Ahri (Spirit Rush) and Cho’Gath (Feast) are ranked. In tier A, they are the best players. In Tier A, A are Ashe (Enchanted Crystal Arrow) and Karthus (Requiem) are ranked. In Tier B, Azir (Emperor’s Divide) and Yone (Fate Sealed), while Skarner (Impale) and Talon (Shadow Assault) are ranked. In F Tier, Jhin (Curtain Call) and Gwen (Needlework) are ranked. However, characters in the F Tier are the worst. You must avoid picking them up.

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Ultimate Spellbook Tier List

  • S Tier
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • F Tier

Ultimate Spellbook Tier List

Ahri (Spirit Rush)
Amumu (Curse of the Sad Mummy)
Cho’Gath (Feast)
Ezreal (Trueshot Barrage)
Kayle (Intervention)
Kayn (Umbral Trespass)
Gragas (Explosive Cask)
Nocturne (Paranoia)
Rengar (Thrill of the Hunt)
Jarvan IV (Cataclysm)
Tryndamere (Undying Rage)

A Tier

Ashe (Enchanted Crystal Arrow)
Karthus (Requiem)
Lee Sin (Dragon’s Rage)
Miss Fortune (Bullet Time)
Morgana (Soul Shackles)
Olaf (Ragnarok)
Shen (Stand United)
Fiddlesticks (Crowstorm)
Trundle (Subjugate)
Rell (Magnet Storm)

B Tier

Azir (Emperor’s Divide)
Yone (Fate Sealed)
Janna (Monsoon)
Lissandra (Frozen Tomb)
Lux (Final Spark)
Malzahar (Nether Grasp)
Maokai (Nature’s Grasp)
Mordekaiser (Children of the Grave)
Nunu (Absolute Zero)

C Tier

Skarner (Impale)
Talon (Shadow Assault)
Xerath (Rite of the Arcane)
Bard (Tempered Fate)
Lucian (The Culling)
Soraka (Wish)

F Tier

Jhin (Curtain Call)
Gwen (Needlework)
Kha’Zix (Void Assault)
Zoe (Portal Jump)

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