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Twitch: What are the Twitch Monetization Policy Changes

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Twitch: What are the Twitch Monetization Policy Changes

Twitch has made a huge change to its monetization policy. This new change in monetization is going to be a huge blow to the content creators. As it will affect them to much extent. The income that they get from this platform will reduce drastically. In this article, you will get to know what are these new Twitch Monetization policy changes? How they are going to affect the content creator on this platform? Stay tuned till the end. 

What Are The Changes To The Twitch Monetization Policy

Twitch has made very fundamental changes to the Twitch Monetization Policy. Because of these changes, Twitch might not be as lucrative a platform for content creators as it was before. The changes made to the twitch Monetization Policy include a new revenue share form, tier system as well as supporting advertising. Because of these changes, the content creator will have to run more ads on the unsubscriber to get financial stability. 

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Twitch did not stop here. It went up to the extent that it reduced sharing the revenue with the content creators as it would share with them before. Earlier, content creators would earn around 70% of their revenue, now they will be to receive only 50%, thereby affecting the income of the content creator drastically. 

The changes that have been made, are a great surprise to many people. They did not expect that this would happen. Many of you are not aware that recently Twitch released Engadget which would allow the content creators to run the ads more frequently. 

These changes might blow heavy damage to the content creators but they have come in lieu of much freedom in terms of allowing content creators to stream the videos on the other platforms and removing the obstacle of exclusivity. 

Twitch has been very successful for the retail giant. However, these new changes can be obstacles to the success of this platform. These new changes might discourage many of the content creators and they might choose the path of youtube to earn their livelihood.

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