Home Gaming Twitch streamers: Twitch bans Sanchovies again after unbanning it for bomb threat

Twitch streamers: Twitch bans Sanchovies again after unbanning it for bomb threat

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Twitch streamers: Twitch bans Sanchovies again after unbanning it for bomb threat

Sanchovies was unbanned recently by Twitch. However, it has again been banned by the amazon Owned streaming platform and people are looking out for the reasons for banning it again. 

Sanchovies were banned on 20th April for an indefinite period of time by Twitch. It was banned because it made bomb threats to the Internet Service Provider. 

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Sanchovies banned from Twitch yet again

However, fans were excited to watch Sanchovies. They heaved a sigh of relief once it was unbanned. But things did not go as they expected. Just a few hours after, it has been banned again. People around the world are quite shocked about the ban again. However, it was banned because some bomb threats were made to the Internet Service Provider.  

Twitch is not doing for the first time. In fact, Twitch has a history of banning things on its platform without specifying the reasons for it. This time was also not surprising as you can see, Twitch put a ban on the Sanchovies again within hours of unbanning it. People are speculating that there might be some technical glitch due to which it was banned or the twitch made a mistake of unbanning it only to realize later that the twitch banned it again. 

Twitch and its the history of not revealing ban reasons

Twitch is ruthless when it comes to banning the bigger streams on the platform. Many people very well remember the name of the DrDisrespect. He was quite a big name on Twitch. Many people subscribed to his stream by paying the subscription fees. However, things happened and his stream was banned in 2020. His channel was also banned. Those who subscribed to his channel were even refunded their money. Even DrDisrespect came out on record and said that he was banned for no reason at all. That was the action by the twitch that took everyone by surprise. Similar is the case here, Sanchovies was the rising star on the Twitch stream platform and but he was banned for no reason at all. It might be a little injustice on the part of Twitch. 

Then came 2022, Docs said publicly that he was not given any reason for his banning. However, some legal stuff happened. Eventually, they settled this matter and at the end of the day, no one on either side admitted to any wrongdoing. 

People are wondering Whether or not Sanchovies will return. Well, we can say for sure. But we expect that he will come back soon. 

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