Home Gaming Twisted Wonderland: What are the Best Characters? (May 2022)

Twisted Wonderland: What are the Best Characters? (May 2022)

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Twisted Wonderland: What are the Best Characters? (May 2022)

Disney Twisted Wonderland is a Japanese Battle/rhythm game that is based on the Disney Villians Franchise. You might say there are a lot of powerful characters in the game, but we will be paying attention to the best characters in Twisted Wonderland. 

You will see that The character and dormitories in the game are based on different Disney Villains. They include such as Queen of Hearts, Scar, Ursula, Jafar, The Evil Queen, Hades, and Maleficent. 

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Best Characters In Twisted Wonderland

1. Riddle- Dorm Uniform

Riddle is a great magician as well as an SSR unit in Dorm Uniform. Riddle is known for fire magic and can cause a lot of damage to opponents. You can get the riddle in the game if you want to go on the offensive. However, this character is also known for being fragile. Riddle Rosehearts is someone who is from Heartslabyul Dorm that is based on Queen of Hearts Villians from Alice in Wonderland. 

2. Rook- Labware

Rook Hunt of the Pomefire Dorm is an SR unit in the Labwear. He is someone who uses a slight magic. He can also blow a moderate to strong damage depending on the Spell level. He also spies and observes other students. This character is inspired by the huntsman from snow white and the seven dwarfs that can serve the Queen in the game. 

3. Leona- Dorm Uniform

Leona is similar to the lion in the game. His creation is inspired by the Lion King. He is someone who is lethargic in the game. He is so powerful in his signature spell that you can turn anything he touches to dust. 

He is a member of the Savanclaw Dorm, Leona Kingscholar Dorm Uniform is an SSR Unit. similar to Scar, Leona is the secondborn prince in his homeland. He cast spell that can blow heavy damage to his opponents. His spell is known as Forest Strike. 

4. Idia- Labwear

He is the House warden of the Ignihyde Dorm. Idia likes water magic and cats. She is a serious Introvert that is based on the King of the Underworld. Idia has the power to blow high water damage with its Aqua Wave and WAter Shot II spells. 

5. Malleus- Ceremonial Robes

Malleus Draconia is the house warden of the Diasomnia Dorm. He is considered as one fo the most powerful magic users in the world. But Malleus Draconia is not much familiar with the technology. This character has the ability to wield both flora and water damage. Keep in mind that Malleus – Ceremonial Robes is an SR unit. 

6. Ortho- Archetype Gear

Ortho is the younger brother to Idia and is based in Ignihyde Dorm like him. Like Idia, Ortho lies water magic and can cast the spell-like Idia. While Ortho was taken into the academy alongside Idia. 

That’s all there is to it about the best characters in Twisted Wonderland. And characters whom players can control are the best characters. This is the reason why players must experiment and find the character that they are comfortable with while playing. Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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