Home Gaming The Walking Dead Survivors: How To Get Stamina (Bread)? (full guide)

The Walking Dead Survivors: How To Get Stamina (Bread)? (full guide)

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The Walking Dead Survivors: How To Get Stamina (Bread)? (full guide)

The Walking Dead Survivors: How To Get Stamina (Bread)?

Walking dead survivors game is an MMOG Strategic game. You will find it to be a very interesting game that is available both for android and iOS devices. The important thing in the walking dead survivor is stamina that is also known as Bread. Bread is the foundation of this game. As players need Stamina(Bread) at every step. The best way to get the bread in this game is to wait patiently and let the game generate the bread naturally. However, there are some people who want to get stamina as soon as possible. Below are the ways by which you can get stamina (bread) in the walking dead survivors (TWDS)

How To Get Stamina in The Walking Dead Survivors (TWDS)

Below, you will find ways how to get the stamina in The Walking Dead Survivor:

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Events: Players are rewarded with breads(stamina) when they attend the strongest survivors and survivors’ course events and complete the mission there. Players get the bread on the Day 4 or 5 with a lot of breads. 

  • On Survivors Course Day 4
    • Find 50 Items and 50,000 Resources from killing and defeating the Walkers: 5 Breads
    • Get 200 Items and 200,000 Resources by defeating the Walkers: 20 Breads
    • Find 400 Items and 500,000 Resources by defeating the Walkers: 50 Breads
  • On Survivors Course Day 5
    • Upgrade Bar to Level 3 and Defeat 1 Army of Woodbury: 5 Breads
    • Upgrade Bar to Level 5 and Defeat 5 Armies of Woodbury: 20 Breads
    • Reach Level 7 and Defeat 10 Armies of Woodbury: 7 Breads

The strongest survivors events payout 50 Breads for training the fighters in the first stage. However, players can unlock the rewards when they hit a milestone of 560,000 points within 24 hours. 

Natural collection: You can opt for this method as this is the easiest method to get stamina (breads). In the walking dead survivor, the game produces 1 bread every 8 minutes. And it has the ability to generate a maximum of 100 Breads loaves. If you want your breads to be generated at a faster pace, then you have to increase your in-game level. With every one level up, the production speed of breads increases by 6%. However, it can go up 35% that you can unlock at level 5. 

Real Money: Players also the have option to buy stamina (breads) from the in-game store. However, players should not buy the bread from the in-game store as they can get them without paying anything. But still, if you want to go ahead with it, then you can go for it as its In-game store offers great deals at times. You just have to keep your eyes open to grab them. 

That’s all from us about how to go the bread in the walking dead survivor. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as you enjoy playing this walking dead survivor game.

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