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Elden Ring: How To Cross The Invisible Bridge At Heretical Rise

The Invisible Bridge At Heretical Rise
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Elden Ring is an action role-playing game. This game was developed by fromSoftware. This game is all about combat and exploration. This game was set in an open world in which players have the full liberty to explore the lands and six areas. If you are one of those who love adventure and exploration games, then this is the game for you. You will get to perform many kinds of activities in the Elden ring game. However, some of the tasks are easy to maneuver and some of the tasks are difficult. One of the tasks that players find difficult to cross is: how to cross an invisible bridge at Heretical Rise. In this guide, we will exactly talk about it.

In the Elden ring game, there is a bridge called Invisible Bridge. By crossing the bridge, you can reach the heretical Rise. While crossing this bridge, You will encounter the puzzle with the name of falling snow marks something unseen. This puzzle based on my experience is based on the crystal cave from Dark Souls where you are required to cross the invisible platforms to reach the Search the Scaleless. In this guide, we will first talk about the falling snow marks something unseen, then we will talk about the how to cross the Invisible Bridge at Heretical Rise

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What is the Falling snow Marks something Unseen puzzle?

If you want to reach the Heretical Rise, then you will have to pass through the Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen Puzzle. This puzzle will give you a direction toward an invisible bridge. What makes this puzzle more complicated is that there is snow falling through the bridge that you can not see. But you have to get into it and keep walking half of the bridge. It is that time you will see snow vanishing in air, thereby showing the bridge. It is only after solving this puzzle, you will be able to cross the bridge.

How To Cross The Invisible Bridge At Heretical Rise?

This a puzzle where you can not see the bridge but see the snow falling through it. You will first have to solve the puzzle. You can also use the arrows by shooting toward the bridge to see its existence.

  1. You need to travel to the snow valley ruins overlooking the site of grace which is located at the Mountaintops of the Giants.
  2. Go in the northeast direction and Once you reach a bridge that leads to the Heretical Rise.
  3. Now you will be looking towards the southeast.
  4. Now you won’t see the option to go ahead. But there is no way to go further.
  5. You need to shoot an arrow below to see the existence of the bridge.
  6. You will still not see anything but the bridge is present there.
  7. After shooting the arrow, don’t walk fast, walk a few steps and shoot the arrow again to see if you are going in the right direction.
  8. If you feel that arrows are going below then you can stand there, take left and shoot the arrows again.
  9. You will also see snow as a sign that an invisible bridge is present.
  10. At last, you will come across the Balcony of the Heretical Rise.
  11. You can reach this balcony to get to the heretical rise.

How To Cross The Invisible Bridge At Heretical Rise (Video Guide)


That is all from us about how to cross The Invisible Bridge At Heretical Rise. You need to understand the puzzle. You need to use the arrows as explained in the article to cross the bridge. You will surely be able to cross the bridge in the Elden Ring game. That’s all from us. I hope that you enjoyed reading this guide as much as you enjoyed playing the Elden Ring game.

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