Home Gaming Summertime Saga: How to know Full Moon Timing? (Full Guide)

Summertime Saga: How to know Full Moon Timing? (Full Guide)

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Summertime Saga: How to know Full Moon Timing? (Full Guide)

Summertime Saga: How to know Full Moon Timing? (Full Guide)

Summertime Saga is a choice-based sims game. In this game, players have the options to choose different routes and achieve different endings. In this game, one of the routes is the Odette that the character can choose. This is the female character that the protagonist of the game can opt to go out with. She is both a Goth girl with tattoos and dark hair. When there is a Summertime saga route, players have to go to the graveyard during full moon time.

However many players are unaware of the timing of the Full moon. To help with just that, we have come up with a guide where we will let the players know where they can find out the timing of a Full moon in the Summertime saga game. 

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How To Know When Is Full Moon In Summertime Saga?

If the players want to follow Odette’s route, then they will have to complete Eve’s route. There, they will meet Grace and Eve at Odette’s workplace where you will receive the invitation. 

After receiving the invitation, players will have to visit the graveyard behind the church on a full night. But it is difficult for the players to find the exact date of the full moon in the Summertime Saga. however, you can go through the given two options that can help you know when the full moon will appear. 

Players can go to the graveyard every night till the full moon appears. However, it is a boring exercise for them as they are unaware of the exact date of full moon night. 

Another way that they can adopt is that players have to go the Odette and ask her about the Crypt. While you are having the conversation, Odette will reveal the exact timing of the full moon. 

When it is revealed to the players the exact timing of the full moon, then they can go to the graveyard and interact with the crypt door beneath the tree. You will see that Odette will wait to interact with the Protagonist there.

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