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Summertime saga: How To Get The Golden Compass In Summertime Saga?

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Summertime saga: How To Get The Golden Compass In Summertime Saga?

Summertime Saga is a great game to play. It is based on choice. It has many routes that players can pursue. However, to cover the routes, you need to fulfill the different requirements and certain items to complete. Based on your choice, you will have a similar outcome at the end of the game. Players who follow the Aqua’s route in the summertime saga will need a Golden compass to begin the storyline. However, it is not so easy to get the golden compass in the game. Players need to fulfill lots of requirements to be able to finally get the golden compass. However, you don’t need to worry as in this article we will make it easier for you to get the golden compass so that you can cover the Aqua’s route in the summertime saga game. 

How To Find The Golden Compass in Summertime Saga?

To start the journey on the Aqua’s Route, players need to have the Golden Compass with them. Apart from that, players will require to unlock other areas as well as finish particular parts of the game if they want to complete this route. Below are the requirements for getting the Golden Compass in Summertime Saga. 

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Requirements To Get The Golden Compass

Following are the requirement that players have to finish before they can begin hunting for the Golden Compass:

  • Charisma up to 7
  • Forest unlocked: Ms. Okita’s route, Tammy and June’s route, and help Anna in the park
  • Summerville General Hospital unlocked: Tammy and June’s route, Diane’s route, or any other route where a character gives birth.
  • Church unlocked: Consuela’s route, Mia and Helen’s route, and Ms. Ross’ route
  • The golden key from the stolen loot: Tammy and June’s route, and Mia and Helen’s route
  • The fishing rod from the attic

Finding The Golden Compass

Once this is done, players can use the Golden Key to unlock the chest to get the Golden Compass.

  • Players have to visit the library first and search for the book Derpy Answers. 
  • Then, they have to go to the park where they need to check the coins in the fountains. Players will see one coin that will be different from the rest. Players need to pick this coin out of the fountain.
  • Once the players manage to complete Tammy and June’s route, or Mia and Helen’s route, they will be aware of the location of the robber’s stolen loot, later, they just have to head to the beach and dig at the particular spot. 
  • There, they will find the puzzle that they need to solve to be able to move forward. The puzzle combination is Octopus-Mermaid-Octopus-Anchor. 

Once the Golden Compass is in the hands of the players, they can go back to the pier and exchange the Golden Pier for a Golden Lure with Captain Terry. This will start Aqua’s route. 

That is all from us for you to know everything about the golden compass. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you love playing this game.

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