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Summertime Saga: Complete French Test Answers

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Summertime Saga: Complete French Test Answers

Summertime Saga is a game that is completely based on the choice of players. The players have to choose many different things in the game that determine the different outcomes of the game based on the choice of the players. In this game, you will see different endings and routes. Of all the routes, you can go after Ms. Bissette’s route. For your information, Bissette is the French teacher at the school where the player’s character studies. However, you can not finish this level without the help of the French Quiz. This is why we have created a list of all the French test answers required to complete this Summertime Saga route. 

All The French Test Answers In Summertime Saga

When the players reach the final part of Ms. Bissette’s route, players are required to take a French test to complete the route successfully. If the players are not able to complete it the first time, they have the option to go back to sleep and come back the next day to complete it the next day. However, with the help of this article, players will be able to complete the test on the very first day. 

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In the test, players will be given a task in which they have to select the correct picture for a french word from the number of the options given there. Players will be given the three questions and players are required to complete each answer correctly. If a player fails to answer even a single question wrong, then the test will stop and they will have to come the next day to complete the test. However, players don’t need to worry, as these words were also revealed to players when they were present in the tutoring session with Ms. Bissette. 

1st French Test Answer: La bicyclette

The right image for this question is the Bicycle. 

2nd French Test Answer: Le Fromage

Players need to answer all the french answers correctly in the Summertime Saga, the blue cheese will be the correct option to pass this question. 

3rd French Test Answer: La bouche

The answer for the last question will be the pair of lips. 

That’s all there is to it. These are all three questions that I have given you that will be helpful to you when you are going to Bessette’s route. You will now be able to complete the French test in a single attempt. 

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