Home Gaming Soulworker Tier List: A guide to the Best Characters (2022)

Soulworker Tier List: A guide to the Best Characters (2022)

Soulworker Tier List
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Soulworker Tier List: A guide to the Best Characters (2022)

Soulworker is a mulplayer game. It was released in 2016. In this game, the main characters have been chosen by god. SoulWorker descend on the earth to protect the world from the darkness and dark forces. Soulworkers are driven by strong emotions such as vengeance, insanity, sorrow and passion. They are tasked with saving the world. Players will have to fight the enemies. The characters come with unique skills and weapons. Players will have to craft their own characters and defeat the bosses to save the world. Players can play souldworker on windows PC.

In S Tier, Erwin Arclight is ranked who is the prominent character. In Tier A, Ephnet Bombingspear and Chii Aruel are ranked. In Tier B, Iris Yuma and Jin Seipatsu are ranked. In C Tier, Lilly Bloommerchen is ranked. In D tier, Stella Unibell is ranked. However, Characters in D tier is considered to be the worst.

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Soulworker Tier List

  • S Tier
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • D Tier

Soulworker Tier List

S Tier

  • Erwin Arclight

A Tier

Ephnel Bombingspear
Chii Aruel

B Tier

Iris Yuma
Jin Seipatsu
Haru Estia

C Tier

  • Lilly Bloommerchen

D Tier

  • Stella Unibell

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