Home Gaming Shindo Life: How and where to get Private Server Ember Codes?

Shindo Life: How and where to get Private Server Ember Codes?

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Shindo Life: How and where to get Private Server Ember Codes?

Shindo Life: How and where to get Private Server Ember Codes?

Shindo Life Private Server Ember Codes: Shindo life is a game that is based on the Naruto anime. In this game, there are vast worlds and you have to fight powerful bosses to enhance your rank and skills. This is the game that has been developed by RELL world that is used on the Roblox platform. The main village, Ember 250, in Shindo Life has been updated if you are already on your quest. 

In this game, players would need news quests and new abilities in this unique village. You can get them through the world map. However, you have to spend a lot of money on the game if you want to get them, but you can also get them through redeem codes for free. Below is the process that you have to follow in order to get them: 

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If you are searching for private server codes for Ember Village(original) or Ember Village 250YC, then you can get them in this article. 

Private Server Codes For Ember Village

Below you will get the private server codes that you can use: 

  • NG4-yW
  • vJvMMq
  • Ma07C-
  • 7RjXuL
  • uThLWE
  • 7PykWn
  • taSENv
  • 72ivGo
  • gn4f7X
  • hsunEo
  • MTUdro
  • 9czMaW
  • sfB3Gj
  • jKyfSB
  • vgPCk6
  • BNmt5n
  • RKAZo8
  • Nqb1nx
  • e9HqU7
  • d2sRJl
  • kuU-VE
  • JBO471
  • JVgQnE
  • HTDBvE
  • kr-UWQ
  • sv3sSs
  • fWygLS
  • i3tQwM
  • tEIQUB
  • ZFa9rp
  • OfOSu3
  • 1yZBeh
  • XvQ0Yr
  • CmLm9Q
  • RxQyzh
  • Ws6H3g
  • AzIF2F
  • otdv6H
  • sqZ2C0
  • JdjR1Y
  • 4-FEql
  • xK2vDI
  • MZfDjq
  • MxuXlu
  • _MFe3o
  • _S7oDc
  • A6uVGG

Private Server Codes Ember Village 250 YC

Below are the private server codes that you can use in Ember Village 250 YC: 

  • V-y8n9
  • sC1iuX
  • 6AvA3g
  • 5S2yb-
  • MuctAn
  • NQK-WF
  • K3y4yv
  • svszfJ
  • ugs8BC
  • PVvY45
  • K-wP7Q
  • kGvNjq
  • _daxv6
  • ec4wTT
  • -3Ovnr
  • k9eheJ
  • DU8KNT
  • Q1rqd_
  • NQSyfa
  • Pf9zaY
  • 5pJSMU
  • SHSUQy
  • NGcYZO
  • WZiXVK
  • Mzgw5G
  • sw8BDN
  • Ma8rWy
  • Zm8Mt6
  • nGYgg0
  • ONKRea
  • AVYeio
  • _v8zAV
  • aI-dSR
  • C-SXO4
  • EiAM41
  • 7LmBZD
  • mzNBVc
  • -vfqIF

How To Redeem private server codes?

If you don’t know how to redeem the server codes in the Shindo life, then you must follow these steps to redeem them: 

  • Launch Shindo Life in the Roblox app. 
  • Go to Either Ember Village or Ember Village 250 YC. 
  • Open the Player menu. 
  • Select the TRAVEL and then choose the private server. 
  • Press on the text: [Private-Server] and input the private server code.
  • Press on TELEPORT, you will be able to redeem your codes this way.

If you want to know more about the other games, please visit this page.

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