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Sea Of Thieves: Find out the Mermaid Hideaway Vault Location

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Sea Of Thieves: Find out the Mermaid Hideaway Vault Location

Sea of Thieves has the Seven Ancient Vaults. These vaults are opened by the Seven Totems. Each vault commands a specific Totem that unlocks each vault. The seven vaults lie in Devil’s Ridge, Uncharted Island N13, Crescent Isle, Crook’s Hollow, Ashen Reaches, Mermaid’s Hideaway, and Kraken’s Fall. their parallel Totems are the Bear, Sun, Crab, Moon, Scarab, Snake, and Shark Totems respectively. Today in this article we will discuss how can players can find out and open the Mermaid Hideaway Vaulty in Sea of Thieves. 

Mermaid Hideaway Vault Location In Sea Of Thieves

Players can easily find the Mermaid hideaway, all they have to do is to go to the northwest side of the Island. On that side, you will see a large archway that will stand as a mark. Players will also see lots of snakes drawn on the rocks surrounding the spot. Players will find the lock to open the vault across from it. Here, players need to keep the snake totem in the correct place, the vault will open itself. The vault inscription will go like this “The snake slithers in the sand under that island’s grand archway.”

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Rewards For Mermaid Hideaway Vault

Once the players open the Treasure vault, in the treasure vault, players will find Gold, Treasure Chests, and Artefacts in the Vault. Players can also solve a puzzle in the vault to get additional rewards. However, players need to be aware that they need to solve the puzzle within 3 minutes. Another thing that players need to keep in mind is that the Treasure vault will be open for 3 minutes, players can take as much treasure as they want from the vault. Players need to do everything within the 3 minutes and come out of the vault. If they don’t come out of the vault before 3 minutes are over, they will be stuck in the vault and they will drown in the water since the vault will be filled with the water. 

That’s all there is from us about the Mermaid Hideaway Vault location in the sea of thieves. I hope, you are enjoying playing this wonderful game of Sea of Thieves.

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