Home Gaming Roblox: All 20 Eggs Locations In Roblox Military Tycoon? (Full Guide)

Roblox: All 20 Eggs Locations In Roblox Military Tycoon? (Full Guide)

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Roblox: Where Are All 20 Eggs In Roblox Military Tycoon?

Roblox: Where Are All 20 Eggs In Roblox Military Tycoon?

Military Tycoon is a military shooter game. In this game, players are required to fight as a country to take over the world. You can also find many vehicles from helicopters and tanks to boats and planes. If plates want to increase the nation’s earnings, then they will have to win over oil rigs and control points. However, recently, Roblox has added a new thing for the players that they can enjoy. Players have to join the egg hunt and get 20 eggs in the Roblox Military Tycoon. 

How To Get All The Eggs In Roblox Military Tycoon?

Follow these steps to get all 20 of the eggs in Military Tycoon:

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  • Open the Military Tycoon game. 
  • Join the brand new server to get the best codes. 
  • Head to a helicopter pad to get a copter. 
  • Get an airplane instead. 
  • You must be in the air to be fine. 
  • Fly above to get the best view of the map. 
  • Fly around till you see an orange beam in the air. 
  • When you see a beam and you have to fly towards it. 
  • Ensure that you are invisible while you are doing it. 
  • Get off the plane and go to the egg. 
  • Get it and get back on your plane. 

If you follow the above steps, you will get all the 20 eggs in the Roblox Military Tycoon. You have to keep flying around and try to keep away from other as they will try to shoot each other down. When you are following these techniques, eggs will pop up on the map on their own. Each new egg will appear after another has been picked up. However, it will take some time to do. Many times, it will happen that you won’t get any egg. At that time, you have to wait or you can join another server where you will be able to join another server to collect the eggs. 

That’s all from us about Where Are All 20 Eggs In Roblox Military Tycoon? Collecting the eggs will only enhance your gameplay and you can play the Military Tycoon with more intensity. 

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