Home Gaming Roblox: What Is A Pumpkin Carriage Worth In Adopt Me? (2022)

Roblox: What Is A Pumpkin Carriage Worth In Adopt Me? (2022)

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Roblox: What Is A Pumpkin Carriage Worth In Adopt Me? (2022)

Roblox: What Is A Pumpkin Carriage Worth In Adopt Me? (2022)

Adopt Me is a Roblox game where players can hatch and raise adorable pets. However, this game is not restricted to keeping and taking care of pets. But this game also has a variety of items apart from the pets that players can gather. The Pumpkin Carriage is one such item that you can collect. Pumpkin Carriage is a legendary vehicle that was launched to adopt me in the 2019 Halloween event for 63000 Candy. However, you will not find this item now in the game. Those players that want to get this item, then they have to use the trading app. Players should know the real value of a Pumpkin Carriage in the Adopt me. 

What Is A Pumpkin Carriage Worth In Adopt Me?

The value of items in the adopt me does not remain static. They keep on changing there from time to time. If you talk about the value of the Pumpkin carriage, then it is equal to a Dogmobile or a traveling house. However, it is worth a little less than the golden Penguin. You will find a lot of items that are near in value to a pumpkin carriage in Adopt me. There are the items that you can see in the below list:

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Items Close In Value To A Pumpkin Carriage

  • Dog Common from Regular Egg
  • Kirin Uncommon from Mythic Egg
  • Snowman Uncommon from Christmas 2020 (Gingerbread)
  • Blue Snowboard Common from Gifts
  • Unicorn Leash Ultra-Rare from Pet Shop
  • Cookie Common from Coffee Shop
  • Lamb Ultra-Rare from Easter 2021
  • Black Snowboard Common from Gifts
  • Lunar Gold Tiger Legendary from Lunar New Year 2022 (Lunar Tiger Box)
  • Dandelion Propeller Ultra-Rare from Spring Festival 2020
  • White Neon Snowboard Common from Gifts
  • Cupcake Scooter Rare from Gifts
  • Kitsune Mask Rare from Monkey Fairground
  • Duck Stroller Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Green Neon Snowboard Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Blue Neon Snowboard Common from Gifts
  • Inflatable Sword Uncommon from Gifts
  • White Skateboard Common from Gifts
  • Duck Scooter Rare from Gifts
  • Scarab Crossbow Grappling Hook Legendary from Desert Weather Map
  • Race Car Stroller Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Orange Neon Snowboard Common from Gifts
  • Blue Scooter Common from Gifts
  • Starpower Wand Uncommon from Gifts
  • White Snowboard Common from Gifts
  • Flower Wagon Ultra-Rare from Spring Festival 2020
  • Unicorn Legendary from Regular Egg
  • Goldhorn Legendary from Mythic Egg
  • Snow Owl Legendary from Christmas 2020 (Gingerbread)
  • Neon Red Skateboard Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Festive Deliveries Sleigh Legendary from Christmas 2021
  • Swan Rare from Christmas 2019 (Christmas Egg)
  • Neon White Scooter Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Reindeer Rare from Christmas 2019
  • Starfish Ultra-Rare from Star Rewards
  • Toucan Ultra-Rare from Star Rewards
  • Red Squirrel Ultra-Rare from Robux
  • Musk Ox Rare from Christmas 2020 (Gingerbread)
  • Halloween White Mummy Cat Rare from Halloween 2021
  • Halloween Black Mummy Cat Uncommon from Halloween 2021
  • Abyssinian Cat Rare from Desert Weather Map 2021
  • Uplift Butterfly Uncommon from Adopt Me 4th Birthday
  • Traveling House Legendary from Gifts
  • Fossil Paw Helicopter Rare from Near Hot Air Balloon
  • Mud Ball Legendary from Desert Weather Map (Robux)
  • Golden Penguin Legendary from Golden Goldfish
  • Sloth Ultra-Rare from Robux
  • RGB Headset Uncommon from RGB Reward Box
  • Banana Pogo Uncommon from Gifts
  • Pink Neon Snowboard Common from Gifts
  • Ladybug Ultra-Rare from Diamond Lavender
  • Panda Pal Uncommon from Chinese New Year 2018
  • Adopt Me Boy Scooter Rare from Gifts
  • Banjo Uncommon from Halloween 2019
  • Wooden Pogo Common from Gifts
  • Adopt Me Girl Scooter Rare from Gifts
  • Creator Rattle (Bethink) Uncommon from Gifts
  • King Bee Legendary from Honey
  • Racing Monoplane Rare from Near Hot Air Balloon
  • Blue Skateboard Common from Gifts
  • Fancy Umbrella Rare from Gifts
  • Turkey Ultra-Rare from Farm Egg
  • Trike Stroller Rare from Gifts
  • Deinonychus Ultra-Rare from Fossil Egg
  • Sabertooth Ultra-Rare from Fossil Egg
  • Witches Wand Uncommon from Halloween 2018
  • SUV Legendary from Robux
  • Neon Orange Scooter Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Golden Unicorn Legendary from Golden Egg
  • Phoenix Plush Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Neon Red Scooter Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Neon Blue Scooter Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Creator Rattle (NewFissy) Uncommon from Gifts
  • Neon Orange Skateboard Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Convertible Rare from Car showroom
  • Santa Ornament Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019
  • Neon White Skateboard Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Neon Blue Skateboard Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Crossbow Grappling Hook Ultra-Rare from Halloween 2019
  • Neon Pink Scooter Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Cookie Unicycle Ultra-Rare from Christmas 2019
  • Squid Plush Common from Gifts
  • Pumpkin Carriage Legendary from Halloween 2019
  • Neon Green Scooter Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Diamond Ladybug Legendary from Diamond Lavender
  • Elf Ornament Rare from Christmas 2019
  • Neon Pink Skateboard Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Dogmobile Legendary from Gifts
  • Emu Rare from Aussie Egg
  • Baby Basket Stroller Ultra-Rare from Gifts
  • Neon Green Skateboard Ultra-Rare from Gifts

This is the list of items that are near to Pumpkins carriage in value. This way, an idea has built up in the player’s mind what are the items they can get in the exchange for the Pumpkins carriage. 

That’s all from us about how What Is A Pumpkin Carriage Worth In Roblox Adopt Me? (2022) I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing Adopt my game.

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