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Roblox Vehicle Champions: Get the Secret Egg Location

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Roblox Vehicle Champions: Get the Secret Egg Location

Easter is around the corner. Many games are taking this opportunity to host the many events for it. Players are on the hunt for the eggs. Roblox players are coming out of their shells to grab the best prices from the events. Roblox Vehicle Champions have hidden eggs somewhere on the map. If you want to find eggs then we will help through this guide. Please stick to it till the end of the article. 

Where is the Secret Egg in Vehicle Champions?

Vehicle Champions receives around 40k visitors every day. You can see three islands and you will also find 45 different kinds of vehicles. In this game, the main currency is in clicks. All you have to do is to click anywhere in the game, you will be able to receive in-game currency to uncover islands and other treats. However, if you want to uncover the Toxic land islands and other treats, then you will have to receive at least 850k clicks. Once you unlock the toxic land island, this is the place where you will find Vehicle Champions Secret Egg. 

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If you can unlock these toxic land islands and reach there, in no time you will have the secret egg. If you want to find the secret to the egg, please follow the below steps: 

  • Go to the toxic land portal from the spawn area
  • Now move to your left
  • Go past the egg chest to edge of the cliff
  • Jump over the tree trunk
  • Walk along the water edge of the cliff
  • Try to walk into the side of the land
  • You will end up in the water now
  • The secret Egg will be right up ahead.

Now, all you have to do is to move closer to the Vehicle Champions egg to uncover the good content of its chest. 

If you have managed to win this Roblox game, you can do some charity by sharing with your friends how they can win. You don’t have to explain it to them. All you have to do is to share this article with them thereby saving your time. 

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