Home Gaming Roblox: Project Ghoul Kagune Tier List & Reroll Guide

Roblox: Project Ghoul Kagune Tier List & Reroll Guide

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Roblox: Project Ghoul Kagune Tier List & Reroll Guide

Roblox: Project Ghoul Kagune Tier List & Reroll Guide

Project Ghoul is the Roblox game that was launched by the GX project Ghoul. Project Ghoul is the game based on the anime series Tokyo Ghoul. This series was quite popular. The Player wants to know more about the game. In this game, players have the option to choose to play as Ghoul or as CCG. 

Before you decide what players want to do. They need to take a look at what they have to choose. Ghouls are the ones that feed on the humans in this game. At the same time, CCG is an organization that is responsible to solve Ghoul-related crimes. If the player decides to play as a Ghoul, they will get the chance to pick a Kagune. It does not matter if you get the Kagune in the game or not because all the Kagune is different. This is the reason we have made this project Ghoul Kagune Tier List. This project will help you which Kagune to choose in the game. 

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Best Kagune Project Ghoul Tier List


They are the best Kagune in the game. Players need to get to roll to keep them. 





He has the ability to cause a lot of havoc with their skills. 




He is the Average Kagune that can still be great in the hands of the right player. 



BikakuB (one eyed)


This is the Kagune that you trade very quickly



This is our tier list for the best Kagune in Project Ghoul. If you want to know the best Kagune in the Project Ghoul. You need to read further. 

How To Reroll For Kagune In Project Ghoul?

Players will receive the three rerolls when they choose to play as Ghoul. If they roll a Kagune that are in love with. However, players often ask this question if there is a way to reroll past the three spins? The answer would be that players can not reroll beyond the three spins in projects Ghoul. However, you can open the new game and try to get the Kagune that they want from those rerolls. 

That’s all from us about the Roblox Project Ghoul Kagune Tier List & Reroll Guide (April 2022)

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