Home Gaming Roblox: How To Get Blessed Gem in Anime Story? (Wiki)

Roblox: How To Get Blessed Gem in Anime Story? (Wiki)

Get Blessed Gem in Anime Story
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Do you want to know how to get a blessed Gem Anime Story? You have come to the right place. In this guide, we will explain how to get blessed with Anime Story.

Roblox Anime Story is a role-playing game where you get many missions and quests to finish. By completing these missions, you move further in the game. If you manage to lay your hands on the items somehow, you can sail through the missions and quests much faster than you can imagine. This is the reason, players are always on the lookout for these items. One of the items that we will talk about today is Blessed Gem. Blessed gems are quite a valuable item to get in the game. It can help you in the game in many ways. You can use the Blessed Gem in the Roblox Anime Story game to make more items that would further assist you in completing various tasks of the game. In this guide, we will explain how you can get the Blessed Gem Anime Story. Without any further ado Let’s get started:

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How to unlock Blessed Gem in Anime Story?

Getting the Blessed Gem is not quite easy in the Anime Story game. However, if you are familiar with what you have to do to get it. Then, without much of a struggle, you can grab the blessed Gems in the Anime Story game.

You will have to go to the caves in order to get the Blessed Gem Where you will find a blessed Gem Node. From the Blessed Gem Node, you can easily mine the Blessed Gems. However, remember, Blessed Gems are something that can get produced randomly on the map too. Therefore, you will have to be attentive to them popping up in the game and getting them at the right moment.

Another Challenging thing that you will encounter is that you will find many ore nodes in the anime story game. However, you need to watch out for the shiny yellow ore nodes as they are known to give the desired Blessed Gems to the players. There is also intense competition for the Blessed Gems as other players are also making their moves to get it. However, you have to revolve around the mineral cave where there is high chance that you will come across the nodes.

You can also get into the private server where you can interact with the Ore node interrupted. You can get the blessed gems much easily.

If you don’t want to go through the playing process to get the blessed gems, then you have an easier way to purchase the Blessed gems for 100 gems from the game itself. You can buy blessed gems from Kintoki who is NPC situated near the police station. Kintoki also keeps popping up on random events when you avail yourself of buying blessed gems.

Items to craft With Blessed Gems in Roblox Anime Story?

As mentioned before, you can craft many items using the Blessed Gems. Items such as Thor’s Might, Celestial Blade, and Godslayer’s Bane can be crafted using Blessed. These items are very valuable for you in the Anime Story game. You need to go the Adventurer’s Settlement with the needed items and you will be able to craft mentioned items there.

Roblox Anime Story Game Info, Download Link, Wiki

Title: Anime Story

Release Date: 4/20/2022

Publisher: Anime Story Community

Genre: All Genres

Available on: Roblox

Game Description:

A combination of anime powers in an Ultimate Adventure, build your character and become the strongest fighter in the universe! What will your story be?

  • Summon Abilities, and Awakenings!
  • Get Materials and Craft Gear!
  • Defeat Bosses and claim their drops! Think you’re powerful? Teleport to Ranked PVP and test your build against other players!
  • Loot spawns around the map every (1-10 Minutes) and despawns every 30 minutes.
  • Ores spawn every (10-20) Minutes.
  • Basic Controls:
  • [Q] for Dash
  • [LCTRL] for Sprint
  • [LMB] for Weapon
  • [R] for Charge
  • [F] for Block (Time it to Perfect Block)


Now you know about how to get blessed gems in the Anime Story game. You also know how to unlock other items using the blessed gems in the Anime Story game. That’s all from us about it. I hope that you enjoyed reading this guide as much as you enjoyed playing the Anime Story game.

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