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Roblox: Best Tier 3 Layout In Factory Simulator (Wiki)

Factory Simulator
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Do you want to know the best Tier 3 layout in Factory Simulator? You have come to the right place. In this guide, we will explain the best Tier 3 Layout in the Roblox Factory Simulator.

Factory Simulator is a Roblox game. In this game, You have to collect various resources and have to build your industrial empire. In this industrial empire, you have to create machines to chop the trees and mire ores and refine and sell them to earn profit. You have to explore the map and open new adventures. In this guide, we will let you know about the best Tier 3 Layout in the Factory Simulator. With the knowledge of the layout, you can build plants faster as you will know what you have to make. Without any further ado, Let’s get started:

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Which is the best Tier 3 Layout in Factory Simulator?

You find the best layout, you need to go through the below images and text.

Below you see the full layout of tier 3 in the Factory Simulator game. In this layout, you can see that there are two floors. You will also notice here that both the top and bottom are the same with no difference at all.

Tier 3 Layout In Factory Simulator

In this image, you will get a top visual of the layout that you can easily see. This top has been built using 18 total resinite and titanium rings, Nine on each floor.

Tier 3 Layout In Factory Simulator

If you think that this ring is not so good, then you can also make your own ring. You always have options available to you.

If you want to make the best mines, you will have to keep in mind that You use the advanced mines and assemblers to make as much money as possible.

You need to make one of the rings in the game. Once you are able to make this layout, then you can make 200 billion in just 10 minutes. This is the level of speed that you can achieve.

Once you manage to complete Tier 3, then you have to move on to Tier 4.

Roblox: Best Tier 3 Layout In Factory Simulator (Video Guide)

Roblox Factory Simulator Game Info (Wiki)

Title: Factory Simulator

Genre: Building

Release date: 5/5/2021

Publisher: Gaming Glove Studios

Available on: Roblox

Game Description:

Harvest the world's resources to build up your industrial empire! Build machines to cut trees and mine ores, refine and sell for huge profits, explore the map and unlock brand new adventures; the possibilities are endless! Welcome to Factory Simulator, a game where you build a factory, upgrade machines and become the RICHEST player in the server! Earn MILLIONS by producing the most expensive materials to ever exist! Start off by producing plastic and work your way up to even producing DARK MATTER, the very mysterious material that everyone would pay MILLIONS of money for!

Players can also follow extrasportz to get instant updates about this game.

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