Home Gaming Rainbow Six Extraction: How Do You Skip The VR Training Tutorial?

Rainbow Six Extraction: How Do You Skip The VR Training Tutorial?

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Rainbow Six Extraction: How Do You Skip The VR Training Tutorial?

When you start playing the Rainbow Six Extraction game, players see the VR Training tutorial which most of the players want to skip. However, players are unaware as to how to skip that part as it is quite frustrating on the part of the players who want to jump into the fighting straightaway. But no worries, just take a quick look at the how-to skip the VR tutorial in Rainbow Six Extraction. 

How to Skip the VR Training Tutorial in Rainbow Six Extraction?

If you are opening the game for the time, then you can not skip the VR training tutorial in Rainbow Six Extraction. As you are forced to fulfill to complete the whole training. But New gamers would not want to skip that part as they need to get training to play the game right. 

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You might say that they have also played the game of a similar game title earlier, they would not need the training to play the game. Developers are aware of this, they make sure that your settings and control in the game are different from the other games. This is the reason, it would not be wise to play the game without getting the VR training in Rainbow Six Extraction. 

As you will learn many new things that you not learn without going through this training part. You will learn how to destroy the enemy nests and rescue the MIA operators. 

Rainbow Six Extraction game is based on skills and mechanics. It would be good if you learn them in the tutorial. However, the duration of the VR Training Tutorial is not so long, so you will not have to wait that long. You will get into the game sooner than you expect. 

That’s all there is to it about the VR Training Tutorial in the Rainbow Six Extraction game. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing this game.

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