Home Gaming PS4: How To Game Share On PS4? (April 2022)

PS4: How To Game Share On PS4? (April 2022)

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PS4: How To Game Share On PS4? (April 2022)

Once you finish a game, it is a different level of feeling to share that with your friends to get some appreciation from them. Being a game, you play a task and you complete them, then, you want to share your joy with your friends. However, these days, games have gone digital. It is difficult to share the game on PS4. but we have a solution for you by which you can easily share your games and your PS4 achievements.  We will let you know how to game share on the PS4 below: 

Method To Games hare On PS4

Keep in mind that Game share is not as easy as you think and there is a process involved that you have to follow in order to game share with others. But in this guide, we have made it simple for you: 

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  • Login in to your PlayStation Plus accounts from your friend’s PS4. 
  • Once logged in, go to the console’s settings.
  • Select the Account Management option. 
  • Now click on the “Activate as your primary PS4”
  • You have made a secondary PS4 device for your account and your friend will be able to access your complete PS4 library. Your friends can download and play the games in your library. 

You have to note one important thing in your mind when trying to game share on the PS4. if you try to link your PS4 account with more than two accounts. Your account might end up facing suspension. Therefore, you need to be very careful of sharing your PS4 account details. However, you can restrict access to other consoles too, you will have to repeat the procedure above. 

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