Home Gaming Project Zomboid: How To Make or craft A Molotov Cocktail?

Project Zomboid: How To Make or craft A Molotov Cocktail?

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Project Zomboid: How To Make or craft A Molotov Cocktail?
Project Zomboid: How To Make or craft A Molotov Cocktail?

Project Zomboid is a great game to play. What makes it greater for the players are the weapons found in the game. Players do enjoy hustling with different powerful weapons in the game. Of all the weapons, Molotov Cocktail is a ranged weapon that players can craft using two methods. Once you craft, you can move and destroy a large group of zombies at once. However, in the game, you will find many ingredients that players have to gather to craft Molotov Cocktails. In this article, you will see steps and requirements for crafting Molotov Cocktail in the game. 

Project Zomboid: How To Craft A Molotov Cocktail?

In this article, you will two methods to craft and make Molotov cocktails in Project Zomboid. 

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Method 1: Bourbon + Ripped Sheets/ Dirty Rag

One of the foremost ingredients in the project Zomboid is collecting the Bourbon. Bourbon was earlier called Whisky bottles in Project. To find Bourbon in the project Zomboid, you will find them when you are looking the houses, bars, or offices. The second ingredient is Ripped Sheets and Dirty rags. Now you need to find and collect any piece of cloth to use as a Ripped sheet and rag from the houses during looting. When you are with all the ingredients, you need to click on the crafting menu to get your Molotov Cocktail. 

This method is quite easy. You need to have two ingredients, however, you will only receive one Molotov Cocktail. In the second method, you will find how to get more Molotov Cocktails in the Project Zomboid. 

Method 2: Empty Bottle + Gas can + Dirty Rag/ Ripped Sheets

To craft Molotov Cocktail, you need to collect an Empty bottle (Wine/Water/Whisky), a Gas can, or Ripped Sheets or Dirty rags. During the loot, you can easily get the empty bottle from the houses, on corpses, and in the bins. Head to the gas or fuel station to get the gas can and you can search the sheets from the houses. 

That’s everything you need to learn about How To Make A Molotov Cocktail In Project Zomboid. If you want to know more about the other games, please visit this page.

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