Home Gaming Poppy Playtime: What is Prototype 1006 (Fully Explained)

Poppy Playtime: What is Prototype 1006 (Fully Explained)

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Poppy Playtime: What is Prototype 1006

Poppy Playtime: What is Prototype 1006 (Fully Explained)

Poppy Playtime is one of the best horror games out there. This game has become popular since it was released in 2010. It has been getting a lot of positive reviews from players from around the world. In this game, what players have to see is that a former employee returns to a toy factory after 10 years when it was left out by the Playtime Co. due to its staff disappearing. When a former player visits the factory after 10 years, he gets to see lots of new and unique things that both excite him and disgust him. And there is much more to it. In this game, Prototype 1006 has provoked lots of curiosity among the players that they want to know about it as much as they can. 

In the world of Poppy Playtime, this prototype keeps on hanging in the background. Who is Prototype 1006 and what is Experiment 1006? You will get to answer these questions in this article. 

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What Is Experiment 1006 & Who Is Prototype 1006 In Poppy Playtime?

Experiment 1006

What actually happened that caused the creation of the Prototype 1006. There was an experiment called Experiment 1006 that was conducted by Playtime Co. The aim behind this experiment 1006 was to make more life toys for children. However, this experiment could not materialize. And otherwise happened of the experiment went wrong, leading to the creation of the Prototype 1006. What was really wrong about this protocol was that it showed very violent behavior from the start and it is said to kill the scientists that actually created the Prototype 1006 and were performing the experiment on it in the Poppy Playtime. 

There is VHS tape floating around that says that prototype 1006 is quite dangerous. The tape also says that it created a laser that can deactivate cameras and can run away in no time. 

Who Is Prototype 1006 In Poppy Playtime?

Playtime Co was a popular toy company that was established in 1984. The company would make toys for the children. However, the company came up with an innovative idea to make a toy that had life. They started experimenting by doing experiments on humans. However, the experiment did not go as planned and it came to become Prototype 1006. It was earlier said that Huggy Wuggy is the prototype and this theory was falsified in Chapter 2’s VHS tapes. 

There has been one incident when he got to the front alive, he created a huge rampage, killing all the people he came across. Only one Playtime Co. employee escaped the Prototype’s massacre. This is our protagonist and Prototype 1006 keeps on pursuing them throughout the game. 

That’s all from us about the Prototype 1006 in the Poppy playtime. I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as you enjoy playing this game. 

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