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Poppy Playtime: How To Crouch?

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Poppy Playtime: How To Crouch?

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is a fun horror game. In this game, you have to enter the playtime factory. You win when you manage to come alive in the game. You need to use your GrabPack that can help you move across the floor. When you are moving across the floor, you have to deal with many puzzles that you are required to solve to escape from the evil toys. In this game, you can easily get some of the functions, however, you will come across many features that you will find hard to get them. One of the hardest tasks is to get the crouch button. Therefore, in this guide, you will see how you can move through the factory with different control and crouch to safety in Poppy Playtime. 

How to Crouch in Poppy Playtime

If players want to crouch in Poppy Playtime, they need to long-press the CTRL key on your keyboard, it will let you go down and hide from Huggy Wuggy or Mommy. 

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Is the Game Available for Console?

One of the worst things for the players is that this game is a Microsoft Windows exclusive game. It is not yet available on console and PlayStation. This is the reason, many players are used to playing this game on Xbox and even PlayStation, which is very disappointing for these players. However, many of the players hope that with Chapter 2, coming out, this game will be brought to the console. And till then will have to keep pressing CTRL to crouch down until we are able to take the help of joysticks in Poppy Playtime. 

This was our guide on how to crouch in Poppy Playtime. If you enjoy playing the game then let us know which of the puzzles is your favorite. Horror games aren’t for the weak-willed and so, we hope that you complete the game as smoothly as possible. Even though they are just toys, they are some of the creepiest ones we’ve ever seen.

That’s everything about how to crouch in Poppy Playtime. I hope that you are enjoying playing this game as much as you enjoyed reading this article. 

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