Home Gaming Poppy Playtime: How To complete Make-A-Friend Puzzle?

Poppy Playtime: How To complete Make-A-Friend Puzzle?

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Poppy Playtime: How To complete Make-A-Friend Puzzle?

Poppy Playtime: How To complete Make-A-Friend Puzzle?

Poppy playtime is quite an interesting game to play. In this game, players are required to solve various puzzles thereby crossing the level and eventually winning the game. However, what is more, difficult in this game is the Make-A-Friend puzzle. Many players who have not reached this level wonder what is it that we are talking about. However, those who have come so far, are well aware of what this is all about. In this guide, you will get to know how to complete the Make a Freind Puzzle in Poppy Playtime. 

How to Make A Friend in Poppy Playtime

What you need to do is turn on the Machine. Once you are able to do that, you can make-A-Friend with the following steps: 

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Steps to Complete the Make-A-Friend Puzzle

  • On the left of the conveyor belt, there is the Poppy Playtime Make-A-Freind room. 
  • Go up the staircase to the catwalk. 
  • In the catwalk, there is a missing section, you have to pull it out while you are using your GrabPack. 
  • A pink VHS tape will be on the right. Get the Tape and put it in the pink VCR. 
  • There are two fuse boxes. You will find one at the start of the catwalk and to the right in the middle of it. 
  • For the first box, you need to weave it in between the two pillars that are in the center section. For the second section, you have to link it with the second box. 
  • Then, three levers right above the conveyor belt will light up on your left side. 
  • Activate levers by taking the help of your GrabPack. 
  • Then, Toy parts lying there will fall on the belt and they will be moved to assembly machines. 
  • Now it will be done in a few seconds. Once done, you will have to gather your finished toy and put it on the toy scanner to unlock the door. 

And now it is time to celebrate as you have finished the Make-A-Freind Room Puzzle in the Poppy Playtime following these above steps. With you completing it, you will move to another difficult part of the game. That’s all to it from us, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoy playing this game. 

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