Home Gaming Poppy Playtime: How and Where To Get Red Hand?

Poppy Playtime: How and Where To Get Red Hand?

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Poppy Playtime: How and Where To Get Red Hand?

Poppy Playtime: How and Where To Get Red Hand?

Poppy playtimes is an interesting game to play. However, there are some parts of the game where it becomes frustrating to play the game. One such part is that when the players are approaching the flower, they have no idea as to where their other hand should be. But no worries, Poppy Playtime can give this information. You just need to keep reading this article to find out where to find your red hand in Poppy Playtime.

Being a former employee, you might get a little uncomfortable transverse through the old lands of the workplace. Since there is blood scattered all around. Some of you might find it uncomfortable to see that and be a bit scared. However, there are those who absolutely enjoy getting their hands red. In this guide, you will know everything. 

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How To Get a Red Hand in Poppy Playtime

In this article. To know how to make your hands red, four parts have been created. However, if you have not obtained your GrabPack yet, then you need to first get your GrabPack red hand and escape the Playtime factory, then think of getting your hands red. 

Part 1

In this part, you will receive the GrabPack and then open a door and cause a short circuit. 

  1. Grab the one-handed GrabPack and then get into the factory. 
  2. Look for the Huggy Wuggy
  3. Head to the room on the left side. 
  4. Unlock the door using the blue hand. 
  5. Then, there will be a short circuit. 

Part 2

In this part, you will receive a key and restore the power.

  • You will get a triangular key in the Huggy Wuggy’s hand. 
  • Grab the key with your blue hand. 
  • Get into the power room. 
  • Go to the innovation wing with a red light. 
  • You will see light shining on a locker with handprints. 
  • Unlock the locker. 
  • Make use of your hand to turn on the electricity and get back to touch the electric road. 
  • Keep clinging there. 
  • Now keep going back until you stick the door from which you entered. 
  • Look for another electric rod next to the lockers. 
  • Get to it and touch it. 
  • The power will get turned on. 

Part 3

In this part, you will unlock the handprint door and get into room 05 and enter the innovation wing. 

  • Get out of your door. 
  • You won’t see the Huggy Wuggy from his spot. 
  • To the handprint door, use your hand. 
  • Go to the corridor to room 05. 
  • Unlock the door and walk through the corridor. 
  • Get inside the metal staircase. 

Part 4

Now, you will be asked to complete the keypad puzzle and get your red hand. 

  • Get into the room after walking on the metal staircase. 
  • Look for a red, blue, yellow, and green panel. 
  • Look around a glowing block in front of the broken railing. 
  • Lift it up and insert it into the blue switch key area. 
  • You will find the rest of the block in the lower section of the factory. 
  • Put them into their respective key areas. 

Once you manage to complete all these levels then you will have a red hand for your GrabPack on the conveyor belt. You might find it difficult to get it and keep in mind that a red hand is necessary to continue playing this game. 

That’s all to it about the Poppy Playtime guide on how to get your red hand in the game. I hope that you enjoy playing the Poppy playtime as much as you enjoy this article. 

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