Home Gaming Pokemon Series: How Old Is Ash Ketchum (2022)?

Pokemon Series: How Old Is Ash Ketchum (2022)?

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 Pokemon Series: How Old Is Ash Ketchum (2022)?

Pokemon Series: How Old Is Ash Ketchum (2022)?

Pokemon is the only series that has aired for a couple of decades. People still enjoy watching the pokemon series. It might have escaped your notice or you have noticed once or twice that nothing much has changed when it comes to the appearance of the characters since the very long time in the pokemon. You might have seen that it has been decades since the pokemon is airing but the characters have not aged at all in the Pokemon. In this article, we will talk about the age of the Lead character Ash Ketchum in Pokemon. Many people want to know the age of the lead character Kethcum in pokemon that has not aged for long. 

What is Ash Ketchum’s Age in the Pokemon Series?

It is easier to find the age of the Ash ketchcum in the Pokemon series but you can not really find out why he and other characters have not aged well? When the pokemon series started, it was mentioned that Ash Ketchum is 10 years only at the time he embarks upon his ambitious quest. As the late Takeshi Shudo wrote, Ash is 10 years, and 10 days old. 

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Now decades have passed and the ash still remains to be 10 years old. Why is it possible? Not only ash but other characters have not aged as well. However, there is no clear answer to it but theories are floating around. In this article, we will give you explanations that talk about why characters in the Pokemon series have not aged. 

Why exactly hasn’t Ash grown old until now?

One of the explanations offered for Ash not aging is the “Eternal Youth” theory that says that characters in the anime don’t age at all. They remain the same regardless of the time it has been since the first episode was aired. 

Another theory floating around is the “Time Difference Theory”. It is said in this theory, that the concept of time is far different in the anime world from the real world. And also this show is telecast for 30 minutes per week which is why this equation does not justify the assumption that Ash should age like in the real life. 

Apart from these two theories, you find numerous theories floating about on the internet. Trust me, if you read about these theories, you will be hugely fascinated by them. However, there is no hard truth about the aging of the pokemon character. Only the original creator can give the true answer. 

That’s all from us about how old Is Ash Ketchum In the Pokemon Series (2022).

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