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Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List 2022: A guide to the Best Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List
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Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List 2022: A guide to the Best Pokemon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a role-playing game. This game was released in 2022. In this game, Players have to explore the land and get the rideable pokemon. You are required to save yourself from the Wild Pokemon. Because they can blow a huge damage to your character. If you want to complete the Pokedex entries, then you will have to capture the pokemon.

In tier S, Arceus and Giratina (Origin and Altered Forms) are ranked. They are the best pokemons in the game. However, In Tier A, Typhlosion (Hisuian & Normal forms) and Samurott (Hisuian & Normal forms) are ranked. You can get them as they are good.

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In B Tier, Snorlax and Gallade are ranked. In C tier, Steelix and Golem are ranked. In Tier D, Gabite and Quilava are ranked. In F Tier, Gible and Rhyhorn are ranked. However they are considered to be the weakest of them.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List

  • S Tier
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • D Tier
  • F Tier

S Tier: Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List

They are the best pokemon. If you take them, you are sure to win the game. Since they are the most powerful in the game. Therefore, you must not miss taking them as they are the best out there. Below is the S-tier Pokemon Legends Arceus S Tier list:

ArceusS Tier
Giratina (Origin & Altered forms)S Tier
Dialga (Origin & Normal forms)S Tier
Palkia (Origin & Normal forms)S Tier
AzelfS Tier
MespritS Tier
UxieS Tier
RegigasS Tier
DarkraiS Tier
GarchompS Tier
CresseliaS Tier
HeatranS Tier
Shaymin (Sky & Land forms)S Tier
Hisuian GoodraS Tier
Landorus (Therian & Normal forms)S Tier
Tornadus (Therian & Normal forms)S Tier
Thundurus (Therian & Normal forms)S Tier
Enamorus (Therian & Normal forms)S Tier

A Tier: Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List

A Tier Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier list is the best. However it is not as good as the Pokemon Legends but it is certainly good to take. You will surely win the game if you take them.

Typhlosion (Hisuian & Normal forms)A Tier
Samurott (Hisuian & Normal forms)A Tier
Decidueye (Hisuian & Normal forms)A Tier
Hisuian ArcanineA Tier
InfernapeA Tier
EmpoleonA Tier
TorterraA Tier
BasculegoinA Tier
WalreinA Tier
UrsalunaA Tier
ElectivireA Tier
MamoswineA Tier
GyaradosA Tier
TogekissA Tier
MagnezoneA Tier
RhyperiorA Tier
MagmortarA Tier
ManaphyA Tier
LucarioA Tier
GardevoirA Tier

B Tier: Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List

Pokemon in the B tier is average. You can take them. But Their performance will depend on the skillset you show while playing the Pokemon Legends game.

SnorlaxB Tier
GalladeB Tier
NinetalesB Tier
ScizorB Tier
KleavorB Tier
SylveonB Tier
VaporeonB Tier
FlareoonB Tier
JolteonB Tier
GlaceonB Tier
LeafeonB Tier
UmbreonB Tier
EspeonB Tier
CrobatB Tier
YanmegaB Tier
GliscorB Tier
Porygon-ZB Tier
TangrowthB Tier
TentacruelB Tier
BronzongB Tier
ProbopassB Tier
HeracrossB Tier
WyrdeerB Tier
Hisuian BraviaryB Tier
GengarB Tier
DusknoirB Tier
HonchkrowB Tier
MismagiusB Tier
BlisseyB Tier
Hisuian ZoroarkB Tier
SneaslerB Tier
DrapionB Tier
UrsaringB Tier
RoseradeB Tier
GlalieB Tier
Porygon 2B Tier
LickilickyB Tier
Hisuian AvaluggB Tier
FroslassB Tier
RapidashB Tier

C Tier: Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List

Pokemon in C Tier are the below average. If you are the new to the Pokemon Legends Arceus game, then you can consider taking him. However, in the series game, you must not take them as you will lose using these pokemon.

SteelixC Tier
GolemC Tier
HippowdonC Tier
LuxrayC Tier
OverqwilC Tier
MachampC Tier
AlakazamC Tier
GolduckC Tier
ScytherC Tier
MagmarC Tier
RhydonC Tier
FloatzelC Tier
AbomasnowC Tier
GastrodonC Tier
RampardosC Tier
Hisuian ElectrodeC Tier
Hisuian LilligantC Tier
BastiodonC Tier
StaraptorC Tier
ElectabuzzC Tier
ToxicroakC Tier
MantineC Tier
SpiritombC Tier
AmbipomC Tier
VespiqueenC Tier
LopunnyC Tier
PhioneC Tier
Hisuian LilligantC Tier
ClefableC Tier
MagnetonC Tier
OctileryC Tier
CarnivineC Tier
Hisuian SligooC Tier
PiloswineC Tier
ChanseyC Tier
CherimC Tier
DusclopsC Tier
GolbatC Tier
SkuntankC Tier
DrifblimC Tier

D Tier: Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List

They are also pretty average pokemon. You must take them when you are playing a casual game.

GabiteD Tier
QuilavaD Tier
MonfernoD Tier
DewottD Tier
DartrixD Tier
PrinplupD Tier
GrotleD Tier
MisdreavusD Tier
SealeoD Tier
GligarD Tier
WhiscashD Tier
RaichuD Tier
StantlerD Tier
Hisuian BasculinD Tier
LumineonD Tier
PuruglyD Tier
ChimechoD Tier
MothimD Tier
BibarelD Tier
HaunterD Tier
Hisuian SneaselD Tier
SudowudoD Tier
Hisuian QuilfishD Tier
WormadamD Tier
ChatotD Tier
MachokeD Tier
KadabraD Tier
PonytaD Tier
TogeticD Tier
RoseliaD Tier
BuizelD Tier
MurkrowD Tier
PorygonD Tier
ShellosD Tier
CroagunkD Tier
VulpixD Tier
KirliaD Tier
PikachuD Tier

F Tier: Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List

Pokemon in the F Tier are the worst of the lot. You must never take them in the game. If you take them you will suffer defeat in the game. This is the reason you have to avoid the pokemon in the F tier.

GibleF Tier
RhyhornF Tier
RuffletF Tier
DrifloonF Tier
StaraviaF Tier
LuxioF Tier
ElekidF Tier
Hisuian GrowlitheF Tier
GravelerF Tier
YanmaF Tier
OnixF Tier
LickitungF Tier
Hisuian VoltorbF Tier
MuchlaxF Tier
MagnetmiteF Tier
RotomF Tier
SnoverF Tier
CyndaquilF Tier
ChimcharF Tier
NosepassF Tier
TentacoolF Tier
TangelaF Tier
EeveeF Tier
FinneonF Tier
OshawottF Tier
PiplupF Tier
TurtwigF Tier
RioluF Tier
TeddiursaF Tier
Hisuian ZoruaF Tier
RowletF Tier
PachirisuF Tier
ParasectF Tier
StunkyF Tier
BeautiflyF Tier
DustoxF Tier
KriketuneF Tier
CranidosF Tier
MagbyF Tier
AipomF Tier
HippopotasF Tier
SkorpiF Tier
ShieldonF Tier
BunearyF Tier
MantykeF Tier
UnownF Tier
ClefairyF Tier
HappinyF Tier
PsyduckF Tier
GastlyF Tier
GlameowF Tier
MachopF Tier
RaltsF Tier
RemoraidF Tier
CascoonF Tier
CleffaF Tier
SphealF Tier
BergmiteF Tier
DuskullF Tier
BonslyF Tier
ParasF Tier
PetililF Tier
PichuF Tier
GeodudeF Tier
BidoofF Tier
SnoruntF Tier
TogepiF Tier
BudewF Tier
GoomyF Tier
SilcoonF Tier
ChinglingF Tier
MagikarpF Tier
CombeeF Tier
BronzorF Tier
CherubiF Tier
ShinxF Tier
SwinubF Tier
StarlyF Tier
ZubatF Tier
BarboachF Tier
KricketotF Tier
WurmpleF Tier
BurmyF Tier

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Game Info (Wiki)

Title: Pokemon Legends Arceus

Release date: 28 January 2022

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Action and Role-playing

Mode: Single Player

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Website: Pokemon


This is the full list of best the characters in the Pokemon Legends Arceus. I hope that you enjoyed reading the about list. You have the more clarity as to which pokemon to choose in the game. You can go through this guide.

That’s all from us about the Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier List. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing the Pokemon Legends Arceus Tier list.

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