Home Gaming Pokemon: How to Fix the Home Error Code 10015? (Full guide)

Pokemon: How to Fix the Home Error Code 10015? (Full guide)

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Pokemon: How to Fix the Home Error Code 10015? (Full guide)

Pokemon: How to Fix the Home Error Code 10015? (Full guide)

Pokemon Home is a Nintendo Switch game that was released in 2020. Those players who are using the free cloud-based storage service Pokemon Home have been facing the Error code 10015 or 2-ALZTA-0005. 

Players face this error when they try to push the Pokemon to Home. however, it makes it very difficult for the players who have spent months and years building up their Pokemon Collection. 

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In this article, we will talk about the Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 and how to fix it.

What Is Pokemon Home Error Code 10015?

Error code is the result of players trying to move the pokemon home. Error code does not pop up randomly but there is a pattern behind it that you need to pay attention to. Whatever information that is available to us, we can say that error code 10015 occurs when the players move a hacked Pokemon or bad eggs. 

The real problem started after the recent update of Pokemon Home. As this update has worsened after the recent update only. But don’t worry, if you are one of those who are facing this error, there is a way to fix it. Let’s find out: 

How To Fix Pokemon Home Error Code 10015?

As I mentioned earlier the error code in Pokemon is the result of using the hacked version of pokemon and a Bad Egg. So far, there is nothing substantial that you can do to solve this problem. Players need to use a profile that does not have the hacked version of the Pokemon. This would solve their problem of the error code popping up. Players will also be able to move their Pokemon without any trouble if they use the original version. The new update has also considered a few profiles for hacked Pokemon. 

However, if this solution suggested still does not work for you then you can connect with Nintendo by sending the support ticket. It would resolve the problem for players. However, connect with Nintendo only when you are using the original version yet this error is occurring to you. 

That’s all from us about how to fix Pokemon Home Error Code 10015. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article.

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