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Pokemon Go: How to catch the Flygon Shiny in Pokemon Go? (Full guide)

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How to catch the Flygon Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go: How to catch the Flygon Shiny in Pokemon Go? (Full guide)

Pokemon go is one of the most popular since the beginning. Players get to pick up different pokemon in the Pokemon go game and sail through the game to the victory. One of the pokemon is the Shiny Pokemon that players want to play within the game. Shiny pokemon is quite a rarity which makes it more demanding among the players. It depends on the luck to get it in the game. But it is not impossible to get into the game. In this guide, we will let you know about how players can catch Shiny Pokemon. Let’s get started. 

How can you find a Shiny Flygon?

To get a Shiny Flygon, players will have to evolve pokemon to get this pokemon. Players will first have to get the Tapinch that will evolve into the Vibrava. From it, it will get evolved into the Flygon. There are other ways to get a Shiny Pokemon apart from the wild. 

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When you are hatching the eggs, then also you have the possibility to get this shiny Pokemon. When the players are in the process of incubating the eggs, they can come across the shiny pokemon in the initial stage. Players may get the Shiny Tapinch in the egg so that they can evolve it into the Shiny Flygon. 

There is another way to get the shiny Pokemon without evolving it. Players who complete the Research Tasks can get rewards in the form of the Shiny Pokemon. 

During the time of the events, players can get a Shiny Pokemon. Eventually, It depends upon your luck as to when you can get it. 

When in the game, you encounter a shiny pokemon, you just have to throw the berries at it. Make sure that you throw the Ultra Ball at it if you want to succeed in catching it. 

That’s all from us about how to catch the Shiny Flygon pokemon in the Pokemon game. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing this Pokemon Go. 

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