Home Gaming Pokemon GO: How To Catch Kommo-O In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO: How To Catch Kommo-O In Pokemon GO?

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Pokemon GO: How To Catch Kommo-O In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon is one of the best games out there to play. In Pokemon GO, you can see the Komo-O dragon or you call it Fighting Pokemon. This bipedal, reptilian Pokemon is covered in scaly armor and they draw its attention from dinosaurs. One of the troubles of the players in this game is that they find it extremely difficult to catch and to add it to their Pokedex.  The question is where can players locate this Kommo-O in the Pokemon Go. Let me tell you that it is very easy to locate the Kommo-O dragon in the game with our guide guiding you. We will also let you know the show you can catch it. 

Where to find Kommo-O In Pokemon GO

Believe it or not, it is one of the most difficult Pokemon to find in the game. The hardest it is, the harder it is to catch it. You won’t encounter this pokemon directly in the game because it is received when you reach the advanced stage of evolution. And you also can not hatch the Kommo-O dragon from its previous evolution stages of eggs. You will have to be with the egg that is not so yet evolved and work your way up to the advanced stages. 

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You will find the Jangmo-O in the Pokemon Go as it is very likely that you will encounter it in the game. Jangmo-O is the first evolution stage of the Kommo-O dragon. You can also encounter the Hakamo-O dragon in the game as well. However, it is very rare that you would encounter the Jangmo-O in the game. 

You will have to play the game and you will have to evolve the Jangmo-O in the game to make it Kommo-O in the game. This is something which is quite easy. Or you will keep your eyes open to see the Kommo-O in the Pokemon game. However, there is no place to locate it in the game, all you have to do is to stay in the clouded and windy paths where there are chances that you can encounter the Kommo-O in the Pokemon Go. 

How to catch the Kommo-O in the Pokemon Go game

If you somehow manage to find the Kommo-O in the game, trust me it is equally harder to catch it in the game. You will have to struggle a lot to be able to catch it. However, by following this trick, you can easily catch it in the game. All you have to do is to offer the treat to Kommo-O. Once it comes to you to receive the treat, this is the time you play your cards and catch it. 

That’s all from our side on how to catch the Kommo-O in the Pokemon Go game. 

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