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Sea of Thieves: Pirate Ship Names List – Best, Cool & Funny ideas (2022)

Pirate Ship Names List
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Sea of Thieves: Pirate Ship Names List – Best, Cool & Funny ideas (2022)

Looking for the Pirate ship names list in the Sea of Thieves? you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will let you know about the Best, cool names for Pirate ships. Let’s dive deeper into it.

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game. This is the game that was developed by Rare and Published by Microsoft Studios. This is an adventure game in which players have to become pirate who completes different kinds of voyages. In this game players have to form an alliance with the other pirates and this way, they win the game. Sean of Thieves allows you to name a pirate ship which is what makes this game more exciting. Players can give different kinds of names to their ships. They can take a name that can create fear among their fellow pirates in the Sea of Thieves. If you are unable to come up with the right names, then you can read through this guide to get the names. Let’s get started:

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List of Best Pirate Ship Names – Funny, Cool, Unique Fantasy Ideas

Having a name for your ship is the best thing that you can have in the Sea of Thieves game. You can show it to your friends and you can flaunt your unique name to the other players. However, in the Sea of thieves game, the character limit for your name is 20. You have to take name within this character limit. However, you can have spaces in the middle. You can also refer to the Pirate ship name generator that will give different ideas for the names in the Sea Of Thieves game. Let’s go through this list of pirate names below:

Cool & Unique Pirate Ship/Boat Names from Name Generator

  1. The Mermaid Serpent
  2. The Uncultured Ghost
  3. The Greedy Grail
  4. The Dragons Rose
  5. The Dirty King
  6. Mayflower Insanity
  7. Damnation of Hades
  8. The Broken Dragon
  9. The Blasted Wolf
  10. The Vicious Trinity
  11. The Floating Raider
  12. The Pillager
  13. The Good Damned
  14. The Barbaric Killers
  15. Filthy Swashbucklers
  16. The Hellish Tide
  17. Disgraced Pillager
  18. Damned Pillager
  19. Cry of the Dagger
  20. Bearded Raider
  21. One Eyed Monster
  22. The Deathly Curse
  23. Raiders Revenge
  24. The Drunken Pirate
  25. The Rancid King
  26. Bloodthirsty Crew
  27. The Burning Curse
  28. Sea Ranger
  29. Pride of the North
  30. The Cruel Pillager
  31. The Damned Murderer
  32. Devilish Killers

Sea of Thieves: Funny Pirate Ship or Boat Names

  1. Seven Seasters
  2. Kraken’s Curse
  3. The Loch Mess
  4. Mermen Ahoy
  5. Curse Like A Sailor
  6. Avast Ye
  7. Shiver Me Timbers
  8. Dead Men Sailing
  9. Scallywags
  10. Walk The Plank
  11. No Mutiny Here
  12. Shark Bait
  13. Booty Fools
  14. Bootyfull
  15. Clap of Thunder
  16. Peg Leg
  17. Scuttlebutt
  18. Swashbuckler
  19. All Hands Hoay
  20. Sea Dogs Unite
  21. Poop Deck
  22. Old Salt
  23. Man-o-War
  24. Full Of Booty
  25. Doubloons
  26. Bounty Hunters

Sea of Thieves Game Info (Wiki)

Title: Sea of Thieves

Release date: 2018

Developer: Rare

Publisher: Microsoft studios

Genre: Action-adventure

Mode: Multiplayer

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Steam


This is the full list of cool names of a pirate ship in a sea of thieves. You can take any name from this list and you can give your pirate ship a name. I hope that you liked the names given in this list.

That’s all from us about 50+ Pirate Ship Names List – Best, Cool & Funny Ideas (2022). I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing the Sea of Thieves game.

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