Home Gaming Overwatch 2: Overwatch 2 Full Beta key Drops, Get all the details...

Overwatch 2: Overwatch 2 Full Beta key Drops, Get all the details here

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Overwatch 2: Overwatch 2 Full Beta key Drops, Get all the details here

Overwatch 2: Overwatch 2 Full Beta key Drops, Get all the details here

An overwatch 2 release is around the corner. Earlier it was not accessible to everyone, only a few were eligible to play this game. Now, It will be provided to the public. However, It is not as exclusive as you think. That means you will receive a beta key by watching the streamers who play the game such as Pokemon, Seagull, and other games. 

Overwatch 2 Closes Beta Key Drops

Now, it is also official that you can not play the overwatch 2 unless you have the original version of the game. This has been made official by the Blizzard Entertainment and developers of the game along with the original Overwatch. 

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If you still using the closed beta, you will be given access to the temporary membership to people who don’t have the game in their accounts. However, the Temporary membership will end just before the game’s official release which is set to take place on the 17th of May 2022. 

Keep in mind that not everyone is eligible to receive the beta key as the Beta key drop will have more limited time than you have seen on twitch like Valorant or others. The drop key is set to happen from April 27 at 10 AM until 6 Pm. if you want to get the drop then make sure that your twitch account should be linked with your Battle. Net account and you must collect your total watch time of 4 hours during the duration of the event. There is also an option to check if your account is linked or not in your twitch settings and another way to confirm it through watching a stream. It is when the website will pop up text like “Drops Enabled” under it. 

What will the Beta include?

You might be wondering how the beta version of overwatch 2 is different from the Alpha version of Overwatch 2. However, the key difference between them is that you will see a new hero by the name of Sojourn that is being added to this version along with a new version of Orissa and Doomfist. However, official developer Blizzard has been so article as to whether other characters will feature there or not. It might be possible that Blizzard will uncover the new heroes when it comes out with the new heroes. 

That’s all there is from us about the Overwatch 2. I hope that you will enjoy playing the overwatch 2 beta version.

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