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Overwatch 2: Get the Best Characters To Use In Push Mode

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Overwatch 2: Get the Best Characters To Use In Push Mode

If you know the best characters to use in Push Mode in Overwatch 2, it can help you a great deal to have some wins. However, landing the right hero is no easy feat. Added to this fact, if you are new to the game, you might find a lot of difficulty in choosing the right game. It makes it even more difficult with 3 classes. Therefore, in this guide, we will let you know the best character from different classes to be used in the Push Mode in Overwatch 2. 

Best Characters for Push Mode in Overwatch 2

Following are the characters that are best suited for Push mode based on the classes and you will also see some alternatives for them:

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  • Sojourn
  • Reaper
  • Tracer
  • Genji


  • Reinhardt
  • Winston
  • Doomfist
  • D.Va


  • Lucio
  • Mercy

Best Damage Characters for Push Mode in Overwatch 2

Overwatch has released the newest damage character called Sojourn. It works fine in the Push mode. Sojourn has high mobility and her weapon is a railgun. If you want to take out the enemies quickly, then you can use primary fire, alternate fire, and ultimate fire. She has been included in this list because you can make the most of her flanking. However, this character also has a downside which is self-heal. If you are playing with the Sojourn, then get ready to prepare and be on the move, and have a lookout for health packs. 

If the Soujourn does not work for you then you can make use of Reaper, Tracer, or Genji. These characters can also blow heavy damage and flanking to the opponents. 

Best Tank Characters

To be the best in the game, you need to have a tank in your team. It is mandatory to have it in the game. Therefore. Reinhardt is one of the best tanks from the original game that you can use in Push mode. If you want to look for the second option, then you can go for Winston tank. Both these characters have got their abilities and base stats in the new game. You can also go for other alternatives like Doomfist and D.Va. 

Best Support Characters

In the overwatch 2, Players have the Lucio that is considered to be the best support character. As he has the ability to overheal the team. Getting the role of Support is mandatory in the game. He is someone who can heal the team and he can also self-heal. Apart from Lucio, you can also use Mercy and she is someone who is known to revive the fallen teammates. 

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