Home Gaming My Time At Sandrock: How To Get Wood? (Full Guide)

My Time At Sandrock: How To Get Wood? (Full Guide)

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My Time At Sandrock: How To Get Wood? (Full Guide)

My Time At Sandrock: How To Get Wood? (Full Guide)

My Time At Sandrock is one of the best recently launched games out there. Players who play this game are aware of the role, Wood plays in My Time Sandrock. If players want to progress in the game, then they need to have the wood in the game. Players have many ways to collect the wood from the Surroundings in the game. In this article, We will you know how to unlock the wood in My time at Sandrock.

Where to Find Wood in My Time At Sandrock?

It is very confusing for the players to get the wood in the game. However, it is both easy and difficult to get the wood in My Time at Sandrock. You will come across many trees in the game, but you don’t have the authority to cut those trees in the game. It is not considered good enough if you cut the trees in Sandrock city. Therefore, the question that comes to the fore is where will you find wood in my time at Sandrock?

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Players will see three ways to get the tree in My Time At Sandrock:

  • Recycle wood from junk piles.
  • Chop dead trees in the desert.
  • Buy wood at the Water World shop.

Players can roam around the deserts and they will come across many wood junk piles. They can recycle wood from the junk piles. This is how they can get the wood.

Another way by which they can get to the woods is that players can find the dead trees in the desert, they can chop them off since cutting the dead trees is not so bad in my time at the Sandrock game. However before players go on cutting the trees, they will have to upgrade their axe to be able to cut the tress more easily.

In the Third way, there is a woodshop called Water World Shop where players can go and buy the woods. They can find the Water world shop during my time in Sandrock. Water world shop sells wood, water, straw, and many more things.

These are ways by which players can get the wood in the My Time at Sandrock game. That’s all from us about How To Get Wood In My Time At Sandrock. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoy playing My time at Sandrock.

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