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My Time At Sandrock: How To Fish or to learn catching fish? (Full Guide)

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My Time At Sandrock: How To Fish or to learn catching fish? (Full Guide)

My Time At Sandrock: How To Fish or to learn catching fish? (Full Guide)

My Time at Sandrock is one of the most interesting games out there. It is an RPG game where players can do many things at a time. Players have to take part in activities that surround them. Players can do even fishing. However, to do the fishing, Players are required to unlock fishing skills in the game. In this article, we will talk about that How to fish in My Time At Sandrock.

How To Fish In My Time At Sandrock?

To learn the fishing, players can learn it from Elise in My time at Sandrock. However, Players also need a few items to be able to catch a fish. Players need to get the Sandfish Trap and Bait. Players need to keep in mind that the Quality of fish will depend upon the quality of bait players use. High-quality bait will yield a good-quality fish or vice-versa.

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If you are new to fishing, then the hole next to the Eufala salvage will be the best for you. This is situated near the ruins entrance. Players need to pick up their bait before they decide to go fishing at any location in My Time At Sandrock. If players choose to catch a fish without bait, then their chances of catching a fish will reduce tremendously.

Players need to take part in a Mini-game to catch a fish when they start fishing. What players have to do in a Mini-game is that they need to use the bait to tempt the fist. After waiting for some time, a fish will come near to them to check the bait. This is when players need to hook them and the trap laid out by you will bring the fish outside.

That’s how players can learn to fish in my time at Sandrock. If you keep in mind everything, then you can definitely catch a fish with a little more practice. That’s all from us about how to catch a fish in my time at Sandrock. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing My time at Sandrock.

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