Home Gaming Mobile Legends: Top 5 Best Marksman (April 2022)

Mobile Legends: Top 5 Best Marksman (April 2022)

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Mobile Legends: Top 5 Best Marksman (April 2022)

Mobile Legends has many characters in its arsenal. However, each type of character has a different role to play. One of the characters that have a very important role to play is Marksman. Marksman is likely to incur lots of damage if he does not play well. But if you know how to use it properly, then it can prove to be a very important character in the game. As It can easily wipe out the opponents from a distance.  However, you need to place the marksman in the defensive position. In this article, we will talk about the Top 5 best Marksman in the Mobile Legends: 

Best Marksman In Mobile Legends

Keep in mind that marksmen should be picked as per the ability of the player to control the marksman. If you are someone who plays for the defense, there will be no meaning in choosing the marksman that is fixated on the offense. Therefore, you choose the marksman as per what suits you.  

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Taking Granger as your marksman can help a great deal. It can get you to win the matches. However, you must know how to use this marksman. But don’t worry, I will tell you how you can use this marksman in-game to make full use of it. You need to use this Markman to take out the key targets in the opposing team. Keep in mind, that its damage is unparalleled and can decide the victory in any fight. 

However, don’t forget to keep this marksman behind your team members, it can easily be targeted. You have to keep him placed in a place where he can inflict maximum damage as well as get protected by the team members.


Melissa is one of the strongest marksmen out there you can make use of. The main weapon of the Melissa marksman is Cursed Needles. It can inflict damage by up to 82.5%. Players can take advantage of Melissa’s movement speed to face the opponents. However, Melissa’s defense is quite weak like all the marksmen but the kind of range that Melissa has can be acquired by any other marksman out there. 


If you want to play with the Marksman in a mobile legends game, then you need to have lots of experience. As this marksman possesses lots of power, the experience is required to unleash the power in the brody. If you are starting out in the game, then this marksman can prove to be very helpful to you and if you engage in single combat with the player, then this marksman is quite suitable for you. However, this marksman is slow when it comes to basic attacks but it can be extremely fatal if it causes double damage. 


If you are not yet familiar with mobile legends games, then this character is perfect for you. As you will come across it as a marksman who is easy to control as well as offers a good range attack. It also gives 2 CC skills to the players who are playing it. This marksman is ideal for players that like to play with the defenses. Players will get high mobility with this character. 


Agile Tiger Wanwan  is one of the most powerful marksmen in the mobile legends as it possesses the greatest speed and can inflict heavy damage on the opposition. Wanman is especially effective in the single combat, if you have a situation of the single combat in the game, then it would be better for you if you use it in the single combat, it can really win for you in the mobile legend. 

That’s all from us, I hope that now you have enough clarity to use the Marksman in the mobile legend game. You will know through this article which marksman to use in different situations that keep arising in the game.  

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