Home Gaming Minecraft: What are the Best PE Prison Servers? (Full guide)

Minecraft: What are the Best PE Prison Servers? (Full guide)

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Minecraft: What are the Best PE Prison Servers? (Full guide)

Minecraft is quite an interesting game to play. Players get to witness a lot of fun in this game. However, If you get bored of mining, building, and fighting in the vanilla game, then players always have the option to try out the Minecraft PE Prison servers. These are the servers that are based on the RPG aspects of Minecraft. What actually happens in it is that Players are dropped into the simulated prison setting. They can get away from this prison only by earning money. When a player earns money, they can easily increase their rank. The one who gets the top rank becomes the free citizen. This process of earning money to come out of the game is quite entertaining for the players in the Minecraft game.

If players are new to Minecraft, players will get to know about the Minecraft servers in this article, Just stick to the end of the article:

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What Are The Best Minecraft PE Prison Servers?

Vortex Network

Bedrock Server IP: bedrock.vortexnetwork.net

Bedrock Port: 19132

This server is a prison server as well as contains a space theme. This is the server that provides popular games modes like Prison, Skyblock, Survival, and Pixelmon.


Bedrock Server IP: pe.mchub.com
Bedrock Port: 19132

If players want to seek out a server with many features, then this is the server for them. It is a Prison, Skyblock, and Survival server where players can witness the RPG aspects. This server also provides the Private Mines, Robots, Casinos, and Gangs. Players can get to interact with them in the game. Players also have the option to take part in the Lucky Crates as well as the Giveaways. These are features that are available for all three game modes.

ECPE Network

Bedrock Server IP: ecpehub.net

Bedrock Port: 19132

Players will get to witness many modes in this game such as Factions and Skyblock. However, players can find the 150 Custom Enchants. Players will get to see many Bossess, Envoys and Koth. Players can also take part in the weekend events that are held by this server.


PrimeGames provides PVP action, raids, and survival in addition to being provided with the prison. This server offers a No-lag experience that is good option when players are looking for the PE Prison Servers in minecraft.

Advancius Network

Bedrock Server IP: mc.advancius.net

Bedrock Port: 19132

Players can find the many game modes on this server such as Skyblock, Survival, Prison, Parkour, Hide and Seek, Murder Mystery, and Duels. Players have the option to take part in a number of custom events to get new experiences. Players will get rewards for their skills and hard work through the rank system that this server has.

These are the servers, players can use to have a lot of fun in the Minecraft game. That’s all from us about the Best Minecraft PE Prison Servers. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as you enjoyed playing minecraft.

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